Dueling Desserts

When I was growing up, I loved going to visit all my relatives on their farms in central Nebraska.  For awhile, both my uncles and grandparents were within a short walk of each other.  When we visited my one aunt and uncle, we would beg for them to put a song on their player piano.  My favorite song was always “Dueling Banjos.”  I can still remember how that music sounded.

When I got married, we moved past the dueling banjos to a different type of duel.  Whose mom made the best kind of homemade ice cream.  Of course, I picked my own mom’s vanilla recipe, while my husband sided with his.  Well, we have grown up a little over the past 13+ years and have finally agreed on a winner.  Whoever currently has some on hand is definitely the best!  So the desserts are no longer dueling – they both win.  So, in honor of both of our moms – here are their ice cream recipes that have been family recipes since our childhood.  (Reprinted with their permission – we love you both!)

Roylene’s Country Vanilla Ice Cream

4 eggs

2 ¼ c. sugar

3 c. milk

6 c. half & half cream

4 ½ t. vanilla

½ t. salt

Add sugar gradually to beaten eggs.  Continue to beat until mixture is very stiff.  Add remaining ingredients & mix thoroughly.  Pour into a gallon freezer and freeze as directed.  Recipe from Proctor-Silex Ice Cream Maker Instruction Booklet

LeAnne’s Homemade Ice Cream

4 eggs

2 ½  c. sugar

About 5 c. Vitamin D milk

One can evaporated milk (not skim or generic)

2 T. vanilla

¼ t. salt

Combine all ingredients together – pour into freezer.  Top off with additional milk.  Freeze as directed.  (She combined several recipes to create her own version!)

Whichever one you try, you will enjoy!

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