Wilber Czech Festival for Children

After all of this writing about the Nebraska Czech community, I know that I want our family to attend the Czech Festival sometime.  (Due to watching a friend’s child, a piano recital, birthday party and church commitments, this is not our year!)  While there are definitely events catering to adults during Czech Fest, their schedule contains many child friendly options.  If we were going, I would hope to take our children to these events.

Czech flag

Tonight (8/2)

5-6:30 Accordion Jamboree (options of this all 3 days!)

7:00 Children’s Parade

8:00 Little tugger’s tractor pull

Tomorrow (8/3)

Several Czech cultural demonstrations at various times

Noon: Introducing the Czech queens (what little girl wouldn’t love that!)

4-8 Live polka bands (a distinct memory of my husband when he was growing up was listening to polka being blared from the speakers atop of his uncle’s vehicle.  I am sure our kids have somehow inherited an appreciation for the polka!)

5:45-6:30 Wilber Junior Czech dancers

Sunday (8/4)

8:15 Community Worship

more morning cultural events

2:00 Another parade

4:15 A Czech program

Visit this Wilber 2013 Czech Festival PDF to see the complete schedule.

P.S. If you would like to know more about the Wilber Czech Festival, you would enjoy reading Kelsey’s tales (another Nebraska blogger) of being involved with the Wilber Czech Festival.  She wrote about her experiences as Czech Queen.  In addition to several other Czech entries on her site, she also has tips on where to find the best Czech food while at the Wilber Czech Fest.  (Crucial information when you travel with children!) And if you have time this week-end, Wilber would be a wonderful destination.

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