Czech out the Costumes: Nebraska History Trunks

Have you ever wanted to experience history as opposed to just reading about it?  The Nebraska History Museum actually has trunks full of artifacts and activities that are available for families and classrooms to check out.  We have borrowed both the archeology trunk (where we had fun digging for treasures).  We also “czech”ed out that heritage trunk as well and enjoyed trying on costumes when we studied the Czechoslovakia several years ago.

Czech Gabriel

A traditional Czech outfit for boys.

Czech Zeke

This shows a bit more of the intricate detail on the costume.

Czech Kaylee

The outfit was definitely was too big on her, but she still looked really cute!

(My youngest was only 2 – he was WAY too little this time for the costumes! 😦 )

Here is the information (directly from the Nebraska History Museum website)that explains about the trunk that we were able to bring home.

The Czech trunk provides educators with reproduction Czech objects for use in hands-on activities. Objects include: a feather baster, a cornhusk doll, an egg decorated with the batik method, festival clothing for a boy and a girl, Sokol uniforms for a boy and a girl, photographs, transparencies (of the Czech Republic in 1993, a typical farmstead, a Nebraska map, and a linear village plan), an audio tape for music and dance, video tapes featuring Sokol gymnastics and Czech dancing, and recipe, culture, and tradition books. Eight lesson plans are available on the topics of Czech farmsteads, stories and legends, clothing and costume, crafts, Sokol gymnastics, food, music and dance, and festivals. In addition to the lesson itself, each lesson plan includes background information, objectives, and a list of objects to be used with the lesson. A glossary is also included. Contact your ESU for information on borrowing a trunk. If you are not affiliated with an ESU, contact the Nebraska State Historical Society.  1-800-833-6747, or 402-471-4764 in Lincoln

Besides this trunk and their Nebraska archeological trunk, there are two others. Past-times & plaything (Victorian-era toys) and a fur trade trunk.  You can pick up & return the trunks in person or pay a shipping cost.  They are available on a first come, first serve basis.  They also have activity carts that you can enjoy in person at the Nebraska History Museum (located in Lincoln).  But more on that in a post to come …

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