On the Street Where You Live

Today I am going to attempt to link up with several other Nebraska bloggers.  We all are to answer the same question, and since this week’s question actually correlates with my blog, I knew I definitely wanted to contribute!

Tell us where you live.

Since our house numbers are prominently displayed and our home is rather recognizable to anyone who would drive by, I am choosing not to put a full picture of our house online as I do have young children.  We do live in a brick 2 story that can be a lot to take care of (especially for my husband).  But I do enjoy having the space to learn and play.  Maybe someday we will choose to downsize though or convince our children to help even more than they already do!

July and August cell phone 142

Part of our front porch.

When my house was built, my address would have been Bethany, Nebraska.  We own a former orchard home – unfortunately none of the fruit trees are still around.  In the late 1920’s Bethany was annexed, so today my address is Lincoln.  At some point (probably in the 50’s), the original landowners began selling off parcels of land, and a new neighborhood developed.

July and August cell phone 146

Our neighborhood is pretty quiet and full of 2-3 bedroom 1 story starter homes.  Overall very nice neighbors, but mostly college students & retirees – not as many kids.

July and August cell phone 069

I have always wanted a house with a front porch – we do not see there as often as we should.  But some days we do manage to make it outdoors.

July and August cell phone 144

Supposedly some of our lower brick on our house and our slate front porch steps originally came from Nebraska’s 2nd capitol building.  We have never had this confirmed, but I especially like the thought.  Living in a piece of history is intriguing to me.  Unfortunately the interior of the house had been “updated,” so other than the wood floors, not a lot is original.  In fact, when we were tearing out some shabby wood “built-ins,” we discovered that they had actually bricked over the original fireplace.  Since being able to completely restore the red brick may not have worked, we simply opened the windows up (they had the cases in front of them) and added lower oak bookshelves.  Definitely nicer than what it was!

July and August cell phone 143

By our circle drive – our random collection of wildflowers – I love the look.  The kids have enjoyed having a place to ride their bikes.  We do have a lot of cement around our place – great during the summer – not so much fun during the winter when it snows.

July and August cell phone 148

Before we moved, my husband had prayed that we could find a house with a basketball hoop where the balls would not roll into the street (our previous home’s driveway was up on a hill!)  God provided a mini court (2 hoops) for our kids to enjoy.  And the balls roll back toward the alley.  And thankfully our next door neighbor is okay with balls being batted into her backyard – that happens rather a lot.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few glimpses of life at our house.  If you want to check out more Nebraska homes/neighborhoods, the link starts here.  Chores and Chandeliers

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2 thoughts on “On the Street Where You Live

  1. Love all your flowers and I agree – my link up post this week was a little vague since I didn’t feel entirely comfortable putting my address out there. Stop by and check it out! 🙂

    • Finally managed to make it to your site – you have beautiful pictures! And now am also following you on Blog Lovin’ too. I noticed you also like kolaches – I posted a really easy recipe on how to make them. Surprisingly easy, although I may just stick with canned filling. That part of the recipe still needs a little tweaking! 🙂

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