Guest Post: See You at the Nebraska State Fair

My dear friend, Sarah Hartman, is the “Fun Finder.”  She enjoys life and treats it as an adventure waiting to happen.  Since our family is not going to make it to the Nebraska State Fair this year, I was excited when Sarah was willing to share her experiences.  (And she took great pictures too!)  There are three more days left to have your own adventure at the fair.  Evidently this year The Nebraska State Fair is charging admission, but most of the parking is free.

Grand Island has definitely done its part to make the fair a worthwhile experience.



These were such tiny, adorable goats at the petting zoo.

 Unusual animals at the Hedricks Petting Zoo.  Thinking this might be a Zebu (?).


We loved the exotic bird show!  Very interesting and entertaining!


They’ve done a good job with the Sea Lion show both years, but fortunately they’ve changed some things to keep it interesting for us returnees.



The dog show was very impressive as well.  The trainer says he is the only one in the nation to work 5 dogs at one time.


The skyline.  $3 one way – not very well located as it doesn’t really get you anywhere, i.e. save the walk.  But it looks cool!


Lots of corny slapstick humor in this shoot-em-up, mostly family friendly western show, but they did make me laugh!



Gotta love the free pedal tractors at the Case/New Holland booth.


Another favorite at the fair.  (And yes, real liquid does squirt out if you have the “correct” form).


I didn’t even get pictures of all the rest.  The birthing pavilion had a new baby lamb, lots of little piggies, chicks, and a cow soon to deliver.  The SAC museum put on a great science show for the kids.  We also watched a little of the cattle dog trials that were going on that day- very interesting to see such well trained dogs.  We missed the racing pigs and the pirate show this year.  It was too hot, but we usually walk through and look at all the animals – horses, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, etc.

We also love the (air-conditioned) exhibition halls – lots of activities at various booths for the kids to learn about agriculture and products in Nebraska.  Then there is the 4-H building with all of the prize winning entries and more fun kids activities.  Not to mention the free combine rides around the horse race track, a free shuttle that circles the entire grounds, the Midway amusement rides, a scavenger hunt with prizes, strolling entertainment, vendors, tractors, parades, concerts, and lots of yummy fair food.  There is usually way more than we can fit into one day!  But that it why we keep coming back year after year.

P.S. Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your day with us!  A note from Gretchen on another week-end activity.  Yesterday when I updated my Odyssey Through Nebraska Facebook page with Nebraska week-end activities,  I mentioned the Living History Days at Fort Atkinson that are happening today.  My friend, Nora, mentioned to me that she has been there several times in the past, and she said that the experience is amazing.   So, if you have time to go a little bit north of Omaha, their re-eanctments are highly recommended.

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One thought on “Guest Post: See You at the Nebraska State Fair

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! In another year, I think my youngest will be old enough to enjoy herself, so maybe we will go.

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