Tuesday Traveling: Pumpkin Patches Across Nebraska

I must confess we are probably not going to make it to the pumpkin patch this year.  I feel slightly badly about that because I do know at some point my kids will no longer think such a destination is a fun family event. They will want to go with their friends instead or not even go at all.  But last year, we did go to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch which is located near Elkhorn (partly between Lincoln and Omaha).

We  had not been in a few years, having chosen to stick a bit closer to home and to free little pumpkin patches.  But last year some friends invited a bunch of us to go.  And it happened to be AWANA night (a special church group my kids attend), so they all got in free.  My husband opted out, so a friend and I carpooled up together.   We had fun getting to catch up, and our boys had fun talking in the back seat.

I am not into the scary part of Halloween, so there are a few parts of Vala’s that are not my favorite.  But several areas are rather kid friendly.  The pig races are quite amusing.  And roasting marshmallows is always fun!  The kids loved jumping on the giant blog.  They definitely had a great time and would have gladly traveled back.  Maybe next year …

Pumpkin Patch tricycle

Pumpkin Patch height chart

Two of the four stuck with me – the other two went off with my friend and her son.  So I did not do the best at photographing my oldest ones – oops.

If you are hoping to go to the pumpkin patch, you have a few days left for this season.   Even if you do not live close enough to Elkhorn, there are many great pumpkin patches across the state.  In fact, Leslie has compiled a great list of Nebraska pumpkin destinations on Her View From Home.   Not see a place listed that is close by your home?  Please tell about your nearby location in the comments section.  As Linus of Charlie Brown fame would say, “Happy Great Pumpkin Day!”


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