Inspired by the International Quilt Study Center and Museum: Reading to Kids About Quilts

As you may have gathered from previous posts, one of my favorite things to do with my kids is read books with them.  From my years of being a classroom teacher and now a homeschool mom, I have compiled a plethora of book lists.  (In fact, on occasion a librarian has been known to ask me to suggest a title for a particular need during one of of our weekly library visits.)  I could probably be considered a book collector too with having probably a few thousand books.  I love to read on my own and to my children.

So naturally, if I want to introduce a topic to my kids, books are often involved.  Especially fictional ones as hearing a story often helps in relating and  remembering.  So, without further explanation, here are just some of my favorite books to read to children on the topic of quilts.  Many of these books might be found at local libraries, and all of the cover pictures were taken from Amazon.

A great introduction to words.

And an introduction to numbers by the same author/illustrator combination.


Cover Image

By Tony Johnston and Tomie dePaola – wonderful author/excellent illustrator

Cover Image

While her books tend to be longer, you can never go wrong with Patricia Polacco!

Cover Image

Old and new adventures.

Cover Image

The Rag Coat by Lauren Mills – a wonderful story about contentment and gratitude.

Cover Image

Deborah Honkinson’s books provide a wonderful history background for the Underground Railroad – a time when the shape and patterns of quilts took on a new significance.

Paulette Bourgeois’ story about life’s transitions.

I hope that one of the books on the list will become a new family favorite.

4 being thankful

I planned on putting a picture on each one of my November posts stating what I am grateful for.  I did not remember to do that on my first two posts – how quickly I forget.  So, I will be going back and adding what I am grateful for.    Because I really do want to be more thankful – blessings abound in my life.






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