Classical Music for Families: Lincoln Symphony

I do want my kids to be familiar and appreciative of the finer things in life.  Now I am not talking about caviar and truffle oil.  Instead I am talking about classical music.  While we do not listen to that style of music all of the time, I do want my kids to be familiar with different instruments and the fundamentals of music.  Especially since my oldest loves to play the piano and may pursue that further someday.

Normally for all six of us to go to a symphony can get a bit expensive.  Worth the experience but something you have to plan ahead for.  We have attended the Lincoln Symphony’s daytime Young People’s Concerts.  But that is not something that my husband can easily attend with us.

So, when I received notice that the Lincoln Symphony is performing TWO family concerts with tickets for an incredible price, my ears perked up.  You can purchase a family concert pass for $50 that will get you into TWO concerts.  The first one is November 10th and features “Beethoven Lives Upstairs” – a classical recording that we have enjoyed in the past.  The second one will be in the spring and is entitled “Adventures in Music.”

What is even better – an hour before the show, they have special activities for kids including crafts that go along with the featured theme of the day.  Plus they have a musical “petting zoo” where kids can “try out” some of the instruments.  As opposed to being at the more formal Lied Center, their usual venue, these concerts take place at Nebraska Wesleyean’s O’Donnell Auditorium.

Photo courtesy of the Lincoln Symphony’s website.

For more information, you can go to the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra for Families page.  You can also call Brittany Downey at 402.476.2211 or email with any questions you may have, or to request more informational regarding LSO’s educational and outreach activities.  If neither of these symphony dates work for you, you could also consider purchasing their “Pick Three” option – allowing you discounted tickets if you attend three shows.  The youth tickets average out to be $5 and adult tickets start at only $15 per show for attending three different concerts.  The Lincoln Symphony Orchestra experience is incredible, and so this ticket option is a great opportunity as well!


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