@ Lincoln’s New Railyard: Dining at Jack & June: The Urban Table

Jack and June Entrance

My sister took me out to dine here from my birthday.  One last girls night before her baby arrives soon.  Our birthdays happen to be 3 days apart, so we enjoy celebrating together.  But I was the clear winner of the evening, I got to enjoy her company, AND she picked up the tab.  (Will have to figure out a way to treat her).

Jack and June's Sign

The restaurant had only been open 5 days.  Thankfully she made a reservation, or we would have been turned away like countless other people who wanted to try what is already a Lincoln hot spot.

The executive chef and part of owner of Jack & June, Kevin Shinn, named his newest location in honor of his parents.  This happens to be his second Lincoln restaurant.  He and his wife also run Bread & Cup (Simple Food and Drink) a few blocks away.  You can read more about him and his wife, Karen’s story on that website.

Bread & Cup

Bread and Cup is in the Millwork Building, just east of the downtown Post Office.

Back to Jack & June: The Urban Spoon.  My sister and I both had one of their gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.  Then we shared a yummy piece of banana pie.  I was so busy enjoying my time with my sister that I forgot to take pictures of the food.  But I did take a few pictures of the restaurant interior.

Jack and June's 2

As far their menu goes, think grown-up comfort food.  I definitely would like to try their pot roast or their meat loaf on a future visit.  I am hoping my husband and I can there on a date night sometime.  Which is why I tried the grilled cheese this time.  I can probably talk him into sharing a plate of meat, not so much a plate of bread and cheese.  You can view their menus online: their “Jack” menu is their featured food and their “June” menu is their drink selections.  They have a separate bar area, so that makes it a bit more family friendly.  The decor is really fun and is a great tribute to the new Railyard area.  (Note the BN railroad metal above!)

Jack and June's 3

Jack and June: The Urban Spoon is a very fun location for an evening out.  May be a fun place to go even tonight.  But call for a reservation first, so you do not have to do without!

Here are their hours:
– Mon-Thur – 11am-10pm
– Fri-Sat – 11am-12am
– Sunday – 11am-10pm
– Lounge – 7am-2pm / 4pm-2am


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