Lauritzen Gardens: Omaha’s Hidden Paradise

Lauritzen Gardens entrance

Our trip to Lauritzen Gardens was like visiting paradise, especially in the midst of a very chilly day.  Located on the edge of Omaha, a nature reserve in the midst of a city is unexpected.  And quite beautiful, inside and out!

Lauritzen Gardens Poinsettia Triptech

Right now the Garden has their annual poinsettia display – over 29 varieties.  (And yes, those are pictures that I took while there – aren’t the flowers simply breathtaking!)

Lauritzen Gardens Christmas Building Collage

Nestled among the flowers are natural wood sculptures representing many of Omaha’s buildings.  (I think my son counted 34 of them!)  These are also quite the sight to see!

Lauritzen Gardens trains

My youngest definitely loved seeing the trains that ran throughout the flowers.  Actually, I think we all really liked that part!

Lauritzen Gardens floral displays

Their displays made you want to wander about, finding secret places of beauty!

Lauritzen Gardens Hallway Gallery

This is the hallway the connects the main gallery with the education wing.  A work of art in itself, plus they rotate displays of artwork.  (The shadows made it challenging to capture the artist’s painting well, but they were lovely!)

Lauritzen Gardens Winter

Despite the chilling weather, the kids and I took a short hike.  This would be a great area to explore in warmer weather, although we enjoyed looking around even in the cold.  My son and I also saw a hawk perched on a tree out front.

Lauritzen Gardens tropical edition

They are in the middle of expanding their facility to include a tropical gardens area.  This will add a wonderful element to all that they have to offer.

Lauritzen Gardens for Children

Our favorite part was making natural ornaments for the birds.  My kids loved stringing fruit loops, cranberries and peanut shells onto wire.  Evidently these ornaments are quite popular with the wildlife – they only last a day or two!

In the summer, they have a children’s garden.  They also have backpacks that you can check out to enrich your experience.  Lauritzen Gardens has a done a wonderful job of making the place friendly, warm and welcoming for the whole family.  We are excited to go back again in the future!

A big thank you to the Omaha Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for providing the tickets for us to visit this lovely place!

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