Window Gawking: “Miracle on Farnam Street” in Omaha

For lunch when we were in Omaha last week, we headed to Mid-town Crossing.  One definite reason that we went there was to see “Miracle on Farnam Street.”  Twenty-one windows up and down the street have been decorated by twenty-one different Omaha charities.  You get to look at all of them and pick your favorite.  Whichever window gets the most votes will win a $3000 donation courtesy of the Baer Foundation.

Omaha Windows One

That afternoon happened to be bitterly cold – I am not sure that temperatures even made into the teens.  My kids were freezing just walking from the parking garages.  So, we looked at a few near the restaurant.

Omaha Windows Three

I ordered our lunch, then my Mom stayed with the kids while I went around looking at the rest of the windows.  My kids would have LOVED seeing them on a warmer day, but I was worried about them being too cold.  So, we had to limit our group perusing.  If you do go and have your options of days, I would pick a warmer one.  (This Wednesday is supposed to be unseasonably warm in Eastern Nebraska!)

Omaha Windows Two

Taking pictures through glass definitely limits the photographs.  But maybe that is okay.  Now you will just have to go see them for yourself.  I hope they make this an annual tradition.  I loved seeing what all of the groups came up with to visualize the great work that they do across Omaha and Nebraska!

P.S. Tomorrow I will write about where we ate lunch – our food was delicious!  Since I do not want to influence your vote, I am leaving a comment as to which one was my favorite rather than including my opinion in the text.  You can read it if you want to do so! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Window Gawking: “Miracle on Farnam Street” in Omaha

  1. My favorite was Display 7: “Mini Masterpieces” from the Joslyn Art Musuem. The teacher in me loved their approach. They put representations of four artworks on display. Using the four mini reproduction paintings, viewers had to guess which representation went with which painting. A close 2nd – Fontenelle Forest’s “Making Tracks in the Snow” where you had to find hidden animals in their display.

  2. I thought about you guys on the day you visited Omaha. It was freeeeezing that day! I’m curious to know which restaurant you guys went to and what you thought.

    • Did you like our choice? Delice was a fun place – have you taken your kids there yet? And it was quite cold. Thankfully most of the time we did not have to walk very far! Thankful for warm cars and places to go!

      • It was a good choice – though I’m partial to Omaha Performing Arts ;). Delice is an excellent choice for lunch! I’m a fan of their desserts. I haven’t taken the kids there, yet….I’d never get them past the dessert options.

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