Enjoying Edgerton Explore-it Center in Aurora, Nebraska

If you have ever been to Edgerton Explorit Center, you were probably able to guess where we were simply from the pictures.  Once you have been to Nebraska’s Hands-on Science Center,  you will always remember.  And if you happen to forget, your kids will definitely not.  For they will be begging to go back …  All of the fun possibilities make for a memorable experience.

Edgerton creations

We enjoyed making the trip to Aurora with several other homeschooling families.  Watching all of the kids find their favorite areas and experiences was definitely enjoyable.  As you can imagine, the room did get a bit noisy as the kids investigated and learned through play.  Who says education needs to be quiet?

Edgerton Bubble Collage 2

Every time I have been to Edgerton with kids (both as a classroom teacher & as a mom), the bubble area is always the favorite.  What made this trip more meaningful was arranging in advance for two different science demonstrations.  This elevated the outing from random wanderings by the children to structured, interesting learning.

Edgerton Bubble Collage 1

Not only did the instructor explain the properties of bubbles, but she also let several of the kids be in a bubble.  Whenever kids can be involved in the process, tangible learning takes place.  Interactive experiences will always add to knowledge.

Edgerton Science

The kids were able to explore the “Explorit Zone” again in between the demonstrations.  The 2nd session involved blowing things up and freezing things – always a hit with kids!  I appreciate how the center bring science to life for the kids!  We plan on returning to visit again sometimes in the next several months!

P.S. If you are not familiar with Doc Edgerton (the namesake for the center), he grew up in Nebraska.  As the developer of the strobe light, he is noted scientist.  Including prototypes, a whole gallery displays his photographs and experiments.  More to come on his work tomorrow …

P.P.S. Also – I realize I have been remiss at posting “Place at a Glance” boxes.  I actually have a speaking engagement tonight, so I will have to get to adding that later.  For now, I hope you enjoyed reading about our family’s wonderful experiences at the Edgerton Explorit Center in Aurora, Nebraska.  One of my favorite Nebraska towns!

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