Almost Like Bobsledding in Nebraska?: The Mahoney State Park Toboggan Run

Okay, so we still have Olympic fever around here.  At least the kids and I do – I think my patient husband has put up with more slaloms, spins and ski splits than he would like. 🙂  I think I enjoy watching almost all of the sports, but there are many that I would never want to actually attempt.  But I would love to take my kids for bobsled ride – that is the one Olympic sport, possibly apart from curling, that seems a bit more possible, at least on a smaller scale.  But I am pretty sure that no one would entrust their thousands of dollars machines to us.  So, I settled for the next best thing: tobogganing!

Mahoney Toboggan 1

Well, maybe tobogganing is a bit of an exaggeration since we used sleds, but still such a fun experience.  Having gone official toboggan runs complete with tow ropes up in Minnesota as a college student, I much prefer this way of just walking up.

Mahoney Toboggan 2

The hills were just steep enough to get you out of breath without being so daunting that you are unable to make it to the top without falling a half-dozen times.    The paths were starting to show a bit of brown grass, but thankfully the runs had enough snow where you did not get stuck.

Mahoney Toboggan 3

I captured some pictures of the adventurers, then safely stowed my camera away, so that I could join in the fun.  While we did some other fun activities that day, this was definitely my favorite event.  I think my husband and the kids would agree.  We will definitely be returning – a fun AND free event – a year-round park permit is the only real expense.  And a sled, but those can be used other places too!

Since Mahoney State Park is located halfway between Lincoln and Omaha, they are an ideal location.  I could not find the official hours of the toboggan runs, but I do know that they do have outdoor lights.  I would imagine that they are open a few hours into the nighttime hours. They also have a snow machine that they can operate, but your best bet is going a day or two after a big snow.  We may still have a few of those left since February still seems to be the middle of winter in Nebraska.  Happy sledding!

P.S. Mahoney just happens to have an ice skating rink – $2 to get into the activity center and $3 more for skate rental.  Not a bad deal!

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