Medal Monday: Memorable Moments for Nebraska

First of all, congratulations to Shelby, Nebraska, native Curt Tomasevicz and the rest of the 4 man bobsled team who led the United States to a bronze medal on the last day of the Sochi Winter Olympics yesterday. Just in case you missed the historic moment, US Night Train Bobsled Highlights show the last two runs.  Want to read more about what the team was thinking during these Olympic moments?  This link takes you to an article about the race on the “Team USA” page.     Evidently, this was the final race for Tomasevicz.  We wish him well!

Photo taken from Team USA page.

To other momentous Nebraska news …  Yesterday, the Lincoln Journal Star had an article about the 37 Nebraska icons that make our state great.  I had written about a few of these already on my blog, and several more were already slated for future blog posts.  Surprisingly, while I had heard of many of the subjects, I was only familiar with about ten of the actual icons.  Do you recognize the items on the list?  I would love for you to comment below on how many objects you personally recognized.


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2 thoughts on “Medal Monday: Memorable Moments for Nebraska

  1. CathyB

    I was familiar with all the topics but the cleats. As for the actual icons, I’m not sure I’ve seen many. I don’t think many have. I think it was a slightly misguided article. It should have been more about the historical events. Famous Nebraska icons would include the university, the conehead, archway, etc.
    I was happy to see sugarbeets mentioned. That was what my family grew when they first came to America.

    • I wondered if they are all display some place or if some are simply ideas? Can you see the homestead document? That is a place I want to take my kids soon!

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