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Ready for Discounted Omaha Adventures in 2014?

The savings cards are here.  The saving cards are here!  That is right – you can pick up your very own “Omaha Adventure 2014” Discount Cards.  Two versions of this card happen to be available.  You can request the cards here.

If you live outside of Omaha, this is what your card includes:

Attraction Discounts (for up to 6 individuals):

•         Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo – $2 off Admission

•         Omaha Children’s Museum – $2 off Admission

•         The Durham Museum – $2 off Admission

•         Lauritzen Gardens – $2 off Admission/Tram Combo

•         Joslyn Art Museum – $2 off $10 @ the gift shop

Shopping & Restaurant coupons include:

•         Amazing Pizza Machine –  $2 off Power Play Buffet & Play Pack

•         Over $300 of coupons to Village Pointe Shopping Center

Discounts valid through September 30, 2014

Local Omaha residents – you can click here to learn more about the card that is specific to Omaha.  You can also pick a copy of the card at any First National Bank branch location.

Discount cards are while supplies last of course, so get yours today!  I have mine already, so I am set for many Omaha adventures this summer!  Maybe I will see you along the way!

P.S. Want more tips on enjoying Omaha this summer?  A bunch of my favorite Omaha bloggers got together and compiled a great how-to list of having the best summer ever in the big O!  Start out here at my friend’s Oh! My Omaha’s Water Fun post.  She has a link to all of the other places!


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Greater Nebraska: The Temporary Art Exhibit at Lux Center for the Arts

The current exhibit entitled “Greater Nebraska” that is currently at Lux Center for the Arts has many different elements.  Now to be honest, I would not call every element family friendly, at least not for small children.  (I think some supervision and distraction just might be in order).  But there is much in the exhibit to appreciate and to contemplate.  Since the display is so diverse, you will definitely find a piece that will appeal to your sense of artistic impression.

Here are two of my favorite pieces:

Lux Word 1

“Three Season Porch” and “Scratch Track” were both created by Matthew Sontheimer.  Why they appealed to me?  I am not great at painting or sketching, but I do like to create with words.  So these two pieces appealed to my unique artistic side.

As for my kids, they definitely enjoyed the interactive art piece.

Lux Musical Piece and the kids

The mixed media creation by Jay Kriemer entitled “Bobbers” allows the viewer to interact with the subject.  (Finally I had to convince the staff member that perhaps turning the amplification off was a good idea! 🙂  They did have fun!)



Photo cropped directly from the Lux Website

One other display that would definitely qualify for Friday photography is the framed photographs by Katherine Endacott.  I first read about this local photographer in an article in the Lincoln Journal Star last fall.  Many months ago she started a Facebook page entitled, “Good Morning Pleasant Dale.”  Using her Android phone, she captures images from her country neighborhood.  A delightful collage of her framed photographs are a part of this exhibition.  You can also personally check out her Good Morning, Pleasant Dale! Facebook page to see more.

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Friday Flashback: The Celebration: University Place City Hall to Lux Center for the Arts in Lincoln

A birthday party for a building?  Perhaps this is not commonplace.  Yet as you learn the story behind the grand place, you might just understand why.

Once upon a time, the town was Athens.  Yes, we had an Athens in Nebraska before 1889.  Then that post office became University Place in honor of Nebraska Wesleyean University which had been founded the year before.  Fifteen years later (in 1914), they decided this primarily Methodist town needed a new town hall building.

Lux Center City Hall Stone

For 12 years, this place was the central hub, guiding the proud citizens of University Place, Nebraska, in matters of civic responsibility. According to the building’s current occupants,

The two-story building housed the fire and police departments as well as all city offices with an auditorium, council chambers and fire department day room.


The town grew and became a bustling place of 5,000 people.  Nearby Lincoln took notice and annexed them in 1926.

What to do with a building that was the city hub for a town that no longer exists?  Well, the building has served various purposes including a fire station and a restaurant.  Until in 1985, when it was purchased by Gladys Lux.

Now this lady has quite the history of her own in the community.  For forty years, Lux had brought her appreciation and abilities in the arts to Nebraska Wesleyean and the University Place area.  She must have been a fascinating woman – I enjoyed reading her story on the Lux website.  Her vision was to bring a community arts building to this section of town that she loved so well.

So University Place Art Center began in 1977, and then moved to its current location in 1988.  The old city hall was again servicing community citizens for the greater good.  Eventually the center took on the new name, Lux Center for the Arts, in honor of the woman with a vision.  Gladys Lux was the one who noted that “there is an artist in everyone.”

So to celebrate this place of community that existed in University Place, before the city of Lincoln itself was even part of the equation, is fitting.









Image Taken Directly from the Lux website

Lux Center for the Arts is having a big birthday celebration THIS Sunday June 1st from 1:00 to 4:00.  Yes, cake and ice cream is most definitely involved.  This will be a part of their annual summer Community Arts Celebration.  You will not want to miss this event.  Especially the opportunity to become your own part of the University Place City Hall history.

P.S. A little later on today, I plan on giving you a sneak peak into one of their current exhibits whose theme relates to this website!


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Lux Center: Arts for the Community

Gallery.  Studio. Workshop.  Display Area.  Museum. Boutique & Gift Shop.  Gathering Place.  All of these describe the Lux Center for the Arts.  And that is exactly how they like it!

Lux Center Sign

We first discovered the Lux Center  as a part of Lincoln’s “Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown” program.  We have attended a family event or two as well, and I wish that we made it back there even more often, as they present so many great family events.

According to Christine Hunt who happens to be the Community Director of Involvement, the heart of the Lux Center for the Arts is just that: community.  They want the community to come inside to see their changing exhibitions.  Even more, they want families and individuals to be a part of creating their own art through workshops and classes.  Beyond this, the Lux Center staff go outside the building to provide outreach to those who cannot attend classes.  To the shut-ins,  elderly or even incarcerated patrons, they want to give the gift of art.  So, some of the artists bring a studio to those who cannot travel to one.

Lux Welcome Art

Children’s Classes and family adventures are available, as well as summer camps.  Including date nights and “girls night out,”  class opportunities abound for adults as well.  Pottery, jewelry making, painting, drawing: you name the artistic medium, and you may very well find it at Lux Center for the Arts.  Tomorrow I plan on telling you all about a special celebration that is happening there this week-end, as well as one of their current exhibits that has to do with Nebraska.



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Give to Lincoln Day: Thursday May 29th, 2014

Today is “Give to Lincoln” Day!


On this day many of the Lincoln non-profit organizations that make a difference in our community will be getting donations and part of a matching $300,000 grant that help them to continue to make an impact.   This provides an interesting dilemma for me as I know so many people in each of these organizations.  Who should I support?  So many good options! If you are pondering this as well, you can check out the complete list of eligible organizations online.  Still stuck on who should receive your gift?  You can “love them all” and contribute to the matching fund.

P.S. Want a hint for our Wordless Wednesday from yesterday?  The location where we went just happens to be one of the “Give to Lincoln” organizations.  I will reveal that place to you later on today. 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday: Where Were We (in Nebraska)?

5-29-14 Where Were We 3

5-29-14 Where Were We 1

5-29-14 Where Were We 2

5-29-14 Where Were We 5

5-29-14 Where Were We 4




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2014 Memorial Day in Nebraska

Today across Nebraska many celebrations in honor of the true meaning of Memorial Day are taking place.  Each link below contains several options – some will be more patriotic than others!

Central Nebraska (including the “1894 Memorial Day Celebration” at Stuhr Museum)


Southeast Nebraska

Fort McPherson National Cemetery (Maxwell)

Many local area cemeteries will be having honorary events.  Please check with your community to see what is happening near you!  Know of any in particular?  Please post them on the Odyssey Through Nebraska Facebook Page.


Wyuka Honor Circle

O beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife.
Who more than self their country loved
And mercy more than life!
America! America!
May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness
And every gain divine!

-Katherine Lee Bates-


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Lindbergh Learns in Lincoln (to Fly)

I love to find unexpected places!  This one I discovered when my husband and I were dating 15 years ago.  Walking a few miles was enjoyable for us then (amazing what time you have without four kids).  In the entrance to the next neighborhood or two over, we came upon this little commemorative sign.

Lindbergh Aviation

Upon closer examination we discovered a piece of Lincoln history that most people are completely unaware exists.  I enjoyed showing our kids this sign although the significance of just what happened here they probably will not grasp until we study American history again this year.

Lindbergh Aviation Sign

The sign is a bit hard to read, but these are the details.  While now filled with houses, once upon a time part of this Country Club area was Page Field.  Probably many people utilized planes here, but no one was possibly as significant as Charles Lindbergh.  You see this is where he earned his wings – flying a “Lincoln Standard” plane and taking lessons in March 1922.  What he learned would serve him well when he made the first solo Transatlantic Flight May 20-21, 1927 (87 years ago THIS week!)  As Memorial Day is also happening shortly, I decided honoring an an Army Air Reserve Captain was fitting as well!

If you would like to see the monument, head to 20th and E. Pershing Road (just south of Van Dorn) in Lincoln!

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Wordless Wednesday: Where Were We (in Nebraska)?

5-21-14 Where Were We

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Omaha Gives!: Today (5-21-14)

Today is the day to give to Omaha area non-profit organizations!  Why?  Because matching gifts will be given based on given donations.  This focused project powered by the Omaha Community Foundation allows community giving to be accelerated.  You can read all about how the matching funds amounts are determined.  And if you want to give but are not sure which organization is working with your preferred type of charity, they have a list of organization categories where you can peruse to find one that matches your type of “pet project.”  And there are MANY to choose from.  You can also look at the leaderboard and choose to give toward the organizations that need a boost in funding.  In addition, the area Omaha non-profits are hosting community events all day to fuel excitement in supporting the great work they all do in the Omaha community.

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