Where Oh Where Are YOU Tonight?: Are You Here, now the wrong place, Odyssey Through Nebraska Followers?

Omaha Lauritzen Gardens Tropical Two



Transferring my website over from wordpress.com to a wordpress.org site has been more challenging than I expected.  Supposedly they migrated my followers from one place to the other, but since I have 77 followers on my new site and 200+ on my old, I am thinking that they made a wrong turn.

I could not help but think of the old song from Hee-Haw, “Where, Oh, Where Are You Tonight?”  Yep, I will proudly admit growing up watching that show.  My husband did as well, and we have been sitting here well past our bedtime watching possibly pirated clips on YouTube.  Also many sad attempts of people to recreate a show at their own community events – as my son would say, “This is rather awkward.”  I wanted to post a clip for you here to show you what I am talking about, but they are all too poorly done.  Anyway, I am severely digressing!

Because I really have no idea what is going on, I am going to post this at both sites.  I have been blogging NOW at http://www.odysseythroughnebraska.com INSTEAD.  But I am not sure that anyone who has signed up to get the posts has actually been having them arrive in their in-boxes.  Hopefully the migration will work at some point, but please feel free to “follow” me again if you are one of the ones who did not transfer over.

As for the theme of the website itself, I am not settled on one yet.  If you tried visiting this site during the week, you would have seen some images that did not quite belong.  For instance a tiger.  Ayers Rock in Australia.  Scuba Diving.  Images that were a part of designs that I could not manage to alter.  Right now I am using a theme that is not my favorite, but at least you are seeing Nebraska pictures.

Omaha Lauritzen Gardens Tropical One

This does include the pictures on this particular post that were part of a tropical display this spring at Lauritzen Gardens.  Between now and whenever, hopefully I will get a few things figured out.  Pretty sure I will be changing the look of things a few more times before I am satisfied.  Definitely hoping that I will continue to produce content that is helpful and enjoyable to read!  Thanks for sticking with me during this process!

P.S. PLEASE make sure to check out my great giveaway that I posted this previous Tuesday.  If need be, I will postpone the deadline.  I am hoping to have many great entries to choose from!

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