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Inspired by the International Quilt Study Center and Museum: Reading to Kids About Quilts

As you may have gathered from previous posts, one of my favorite things to do with my kids is read books with them.  From my years of being a classroom teacher and now a homeschool mom, I have compiled a plethora of book lists.  (In fact, on occasion a librarian has been known to ask […]

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First Friday with Kids: Experiencing the International Quilt Study Center and Museum with Kids

Other than as bed coverings, one does not often think of quilts in conjunction with kids.  The International Quilt Study Center and Museum would like to change that.  And I think their quest has been successful so far. First of all, every child that visits can pick up a free folder that contains activities that […]

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Preserving Patchwork: International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska

Name/Location International Quilt Study Center and Museum 33rd & Holdrege in Lincoln, NE Open hours/Contacts Tues.-Sat. 10-4; Summer Sundays 1-4: 402-472-6549;  Facebook Cost Adults: $6; Children (5-18): $3; Families: $12; UNL Students/Faculty: Free What to Know Open the first Friday of each month from 4:30-7 with free admission & activities Group Tours T-S @ 11 […]

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Friday Flashback: Using Quilts to Interpret Nebraska History

When pioneer women sewed quilts, they were not looking to write history.  They were simply piecing together warmth for their family.  While a few perhaps created for the sake of art, survival was more of their focus. I had hoped to write about this topic last week right after I talked about the International Quilt […]

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Moving Monday: Opening Doorways to Hope in Lincoln

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  Walt Disney (found at Brainy Quote) Inept.  That is the most accurate word that describes how I am feeling as I am trying to present this unique art display that is currently happening […]

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Tuesday Travel Tips: So Many Nebraska Places, So Little Time

Looking over my folder crammed full of options, I can see … 20 parks on the Nebraska Great Park Pursuit 80 Nebraska Passport Places 32 options in Lincoln: Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown Several Lincoln places are on both lists: The Capitol, Morrill Hall, International Quilt Study Center and the Lincoln Zoo.  That […]

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Nebraska Passport: Tours Across Nebraska

I must admit I am a rather big Jeopardy fan.   Not very many shows have made my “follow” list, but that is one that I have watched almost daily for years.  One category that they feature is “Common Bonds.”  As for the pictures that I featured on yesterday’s “Wordless Wednesday,” they all had one thing […]

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Travel Tips Tuesday: Reciprocal Museum Memberships

Reciprocal:corresponding; matching; complementary; equivalent: (reciprocal privileges) Don’t you love‘s definition?  I love even more how the meaning can play out.  Buy one, get one free always seems like a great deal.  And when you are a mom (or dad) who wants to do fun activities with your children, finding bargains can help create more […]

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Thanking our military with a Blue Star

Can we ever thank our military enough for all of the sacrifices that they and their families make to keep us safe?  One small tangible way was set up several years ago.  An organization devoted to the military, called Blue Star Families, has made arrangements for military and their families to get into area museums […]

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