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Flashback Friday: How the Strategic Air Command and General LeMay Found Their Way to Nebraska

Hard to believe that just over a century ago flying was a novelty.  In fact World War One was really the first occasion when flying played a role.  Then really airplanes were only used as reconnaissance.  By the mid century mark, jets  could be seen across the skies.  The army air force pilots changed the […]

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MathAlive! Exhibit at the Strategic Air and Space Museum Part 1

On September 21st, the MathAlive! exhibit opened at the Strategic Air and Space Museum near Ashland.  While I have been to the museum many times, I had obviously not seen the new display.  They graciously let me come in and take a few pictures. Being more of a word girl myself, I was not anticipating being […]

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Families in Flight: The Strategic Air and Space Museum for Kids & Parents

As if seeing airplanes up close and personal was not enough, the Strategic Air and Space Museum has all sorts of options and activities available that are specifically geared for children and families.  For one, they frequently bring in special exhibits with an educational slant.  (More on their MathAlive! current exhibit in another entry).  Here […]

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Strategic Air and Space Museum: High Flying in Nebraska

Name/Location Strategic Air & Space Museum: Exit 426 between Lincoln & Omaha: Ashland Open hours/Contacts 10-5 daily; (800) 358.5029; Facebook Page Cost Adults: $12; Retired/active military: $11; Children ages 4-12: $6: Free to members What to Know This is a very large museum with so much on display.  Allow several hours to begin to see […]

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Nebraska Passport: Tours Across Nebraska

I must admit I am a rather big Jeopardy fan.   Not very many shows have made my “follow” list, but that is one that I have watched almost daily for years.  One category that they feature is “Common Bonds.”  As for the pictures that I featured on yesterday’s “Wordless Wednesday,” they all had one thing […]

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Nebraska Science Festival This Week-end (April 26-27)

Nebraska Science Festival 2014 When I first heard about the Nebraska Science Festival, I felt a bit behind.  How did I miss this huge event going on?  But now that I know that this gigantic science fair of sorts is only in its second year, I realized I am not quite as out of it […]

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Nebraska Friday Fun: Swing Your Partner

Today is known as the 45th day of the year in our household.  Thankfully I did not grow up with dreams of romantic Valentine getaways because they aint happenin’ ’round here! 🙂  Really I think it is funny now.  As I mentioned earlier, we celebrate our anniversary  in January, so as long as my husband […]

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Travel Tips Tuesday: Reciprocal Museum Memberships

Reciprocal:corresponding; matching; complementary; equivalent: (reciprocal privileges) Don’t you love‘s definition?  I love even more how the meaning can play out.  Buy one, get one free always seems like a great deal.  And when you are a mom (or dad) who wants to do fun activities with your children, finding bargains can help create more […]

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Nebraska Stories: Sharing the Tales of Nebraskans

I promise that I will be posting more about quilts in the next few days.  First I am taking a quick detour.  Normally I am all about going out for adventures.  But tomorrow I am encouraging you to stay home.  Read on to find out why. 🙂  If I admit that I really enjoy watching […]

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Thanking our military with a Blue Star

Can we ever thank our military enough for all of the sacrifices that they and their families make to keep us safe?  One small tangible way was set up several years ago.  An organization devoted to the military, called Blue Star Families, has made arrangements for military and their families to get into area museums […]

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