Hi, my name is Gretchen, and I am a homeschooling mom of four who lives in Southeast Nebraska.  I enjoy taking my kids on adventures, and sometimes we even convince Dad to join in on the fun!  My goal is to equip and encourage other parents and teachers to go on their own adventures!  This blog features information about Nebraska places and people, interactive activity ideas, as well as traveling tips.

While I plan on including pictures of the places that I am suggesting to visit, you will probably not see very many pictures of my own kids.  Those pictures will be filling up my own albums instead.  This is partially to protect my family’s privacy but is also because I want you to picture your OWN family in the adventure!

To simplify my categorizing, I am using the regional names found in the official Nebraska travel guide.  All pictures on the site were taken by me, found online as part of public domain photographs (particularly using Wikimedia) or were placed on this site with permission.   If I have not given credit where credit is due, my apologies!

To contact me with questions or with further suggestions of places that we should visit, please e-mail, odysseythroughnebraska@gmail.com.  Thank you!

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  1. This blog is so fun! I also live in Southeast NE and just found you while using Google, none the less 🙂 I also have an interest in Homeschool, we have two littles… a 4 year old and 6 month old 🙂 I am eager to look around this space a little more and find fun things to do! Thanks and have a blessed day!
    XOXO, Dakota

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