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Shopping Saturday: Susan’s Bookstore in Aurora, Nebraska

I meant to do this post 2 weeks ago on “Small Business Saturday.”  Can I blame my lapse on lack of batteries?  I accidentally ran down my camera batteries and could not find my charger for awhile.  So, when I finally downloaded my pictures, I found the photographs of one of my favorite places to go across the state!

Susan's Signs

Susan’s Books and Gifts is located on Aurora’s town square.  My extended family is from that area, so through the years we have  often found ourselves at this lovely and whimsical place.  What the store has to offer is endless possibilities!

Susan's Bookstore All 4 kids

Occasionally I can run into a store for a quick moment and leave my kids in the care with my husband.  That does not work with Susan’s – my kids love the store as much as I do.  Her toy selection is immense.  Not run-of-the-mill toys either – creative and interesting offerings that capture the imagination!  If I had a million dollars … 🙂

Susan's Bookstore for Girls

Here are a few more of their displays.  My daughter loves playing with the kitchen and dollhouse.  My boys generally camp out at the train table.  I wander around picking up a few things and trying hard not to spend as much as I really want to.  I have never left Susan’s without at least a small purchase – her store just has so much to offer!

Susan's Lollipop Shop

She has expanded beyond books and toys into candy – a large selection is available, including the world’s largest gummy bear!  What do I  love most about the store?  I do like looking at the creative toys and browsing through books.  She does have new selections, but the used books just seem to have more of a story. And the atmosphere is so friendly.

But, my favorite part is seeing Susan herself.  If I stop by and she is  not there, I leave a bit sad.  Susan is such a kind and welcoming person.  Even though I only make it to the store a few times a year, she makes a point of remembering me and greeting me with a big hug!  If you click on the store link, you can see lots of pictures of Susan with visiting kids. (I did not want to post those here without permission from the parents!)   She also writes a weekly newsletter complete with book reviews and Latin quotes.  If you are a reader, you definitely want to sign up for these – great literary and life insights!  I highly recommend visiting Susan’s Books and Gifts in Aurora, Nebraska!


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Indigo Bridge Books: Lincoln’s Local Wonderful Bookstore

Indigo Bridge Books Sign

If you have ever been to Indigo Bridge Books once, you have probably been back.  Maybe it is a bit the setting – in an older “classic” Lincoln building, full of warmth and charm.

Indigo Bridge Books Coffee Counter

Or maybe you go back for “The Cafe.”  Their gourmet coffee.  Their featured food items from local bakeries.  A quiet place to study and reflect or enjoy conversation.  And maybe Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays find you eating lunch at “The Table”,  lunch that involves soup and bread and, more importantly, community and conversation.

Or maybe you go back for your kids.  Because they want to play at the train table.  Or sit in the rocking chair.  Or browse around at books perfectly placed at their level.  Or they want to check out the games section.  Or the child-sized musical instruments.  Accordion anyone?  (Just know that once you are there, it is hard to get the kids to want to leave!)

Indigo Bridge Books Tree

Part of the tree that stands in the middle of the kids section at the store.

Maybe beyond playing, you want your kids to have a learning experience.  So you attend IndiZOO events – a unique experience that involves a special story time that features an animal story, craft and a live animal that comes to visit from the zoo!  (From personal experience, IndiZOO is a FUN morning!)  Or you want to attend one of three story times that feature books and crafts.  The Saturday morning one is even bilingual.

Indigo Bridge Books Local Sign

Or maybe you simply like the idea of a local bookstore that features a wide selection of books.  And numerous possibilities for growth and learning.  While they may not stock every published book, they will gladly order what you are missing.  They even have a book exchange.  A lovely place to settle in for an afternoon of coziness.

Indigo Bridge Books Poster

Whatever your reason, once you have visited Indigo Bridge Books, you will be back.  Check them out at their location in the Creamery Building (701 P St. in the Lincoln Haymarket).  Or visit them on Facebook to learn more.


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