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Memorial Stadium: The Place (Most) Nebraskans Love to Go

DSCN3171_026August 2013 pic1

A view of Memorial Stadium from the Nebraska Capitol building.

My MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) group has made an annual trek to Memorial Stadium for several years now every August.  The tour guides are a bit perplexed by this since the kids seem rather little to want to see an athletic complex.  I am sure part of the reason is that they usually get to run out on the field.

DSCN3243_091August 2013 pic1

But even more than that, there is just excitement in the air when you are in the building.  (As a visitor anyway! 🙂 )  Seeing the state of the art equipment.  Possibly seeing players and coaches (why, hello, Kenny Bell!).  And watching the video in the screening room that shares all about Husker football.

DSCN3220_070August 2013 pic1

I could see why people who are not from Nebraska might be confused.  After all, many states have several college teams to choose from, not to mention professional sports of every variety.  If I tell a fellow Husker, I was born on a football Saturday, they get the pride in that.  People from other places might be a tad bit concerned about me.

DSCN3224_074August 2013 pic1

Am I technically alumni if I took one summer class at the University?  🙂

While they give tours all of the time, you do need to set up one in advance.  Wednesdays and Thursdays are the usual days.  The other rule that I just heard this last visit is that you cannot ask players or coaches for autographs or take any unauthorized pictures.  (And unless you happen to have a press pass, all pictures would be considered unauthorized!)  Makes sense since while we are there for fun – they are there to work.

DSCN3245_093August 2013 pic1

On the other side of this “wall” is where the players complete the “tunnel walk” on their way to get on to the field.

So, in honor of this week’s first fall football game, I definitely think that is fitting that I wrote about Memorial Stadium for “there is no place I’d rather be.” (Sorry the words are a bit blurry!)

And while I can hold my own in a football discussion, although not compared to my 10 year old, I still think I will refer any of you who want to know more about the Huskers football team to the official Huskers N’Siders blog.  They seem to know more what they are talking about than I do (imagine that).  Will you be watching the first University of Nebraska football game?  Our family will probably make it through half since we do not get the game on our tv (no cable!)  Or maybe you get to attend this week’s contest – going to the games are such a fun experience!


P.S. I wanted to get this post to you this morning.  But I need to go start our day, so I will be adding the “place at a glance” box later!

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