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Ready for Discounted Omaha Adventures in 2014?

The savings cards are here.  The saving cards are here!  That is right – you can pick up your very own “Omaha Adventure 2014” Discount Cards.  Two versions of this card happen to be available.  You can request the cards here.

If you live outside of Omaha, this is what your card includes:

Attraction Discounts (for up to 6 individuals):

•         Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo – $2 off Admission

•         Omaha Children’s Museum – $2 off Admission

•         The Durham Museum – $2 off Admission

•         Lauritzen Gardens – $2 off Admission/Tram Combo

•         Joslyn Art Museum – $2 off $10 @ the gift shop

Shopping & Restaurant coupons include:

•         Amazing Pizza Machine –  $2 off Power Play Buffet & Play Pack

•         Over $300 of coupons to Village Pointe Shopping Center

Discounts valid through September 30, 2014

Local Omaha residents – you can click here to learn more about the card that is specific to Omaha.  You can also pick a copy of the card at any First National Bank branch location.

Discount cards are while supplies last of course, so get yours today!  I have mine already, so I am set for many Omaha adventures this summer!  Maybe I will see you along the way!

P.S. Want more tips on enjoying Omaha this summer?  A bunch of my favorite Omaha bloggers got together and compiled a great how-to list of having the best summer ever in the big O!  Start out here at my friend’s Oh! My Omaha’s Water Fun post.  She has a link to all of the other places!


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Omaha Gives!: Today (5-21-14)

Today is the day to give to Omaha area non-profit organizations!  Why?  Because matching gifts will be given based on given donations.  This focused project powered by the Omaha Community Foundation allows community giving to be accelerated.  You can read all about how the matching funds amounts are determined.  And if you want to give but are not sure which organization is working with your preferred type of charity, they have a list of organization categories where you can peruse to find one that matches your type of “pet project.”  And there are MANY to choose from.  You can also look at the leaderboard and choose to give toward the organizations that need a boost in funding.  In addition, the area Omaha non-profits are hosting community events all day to fuel excitement in supporting the great work they all do in the Omaha community.

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Today (5/9) is National Gardens Day: Free Admission to Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha

Today is National Public Garden Day.  Bet you didn’t know there was such a holiday? 🙂  You can celebrate by going to Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha for FREE!  Today is supposed to be a beautiful day across the Eastern part of Nebraska.  So, take this as your excuse to get outside and enjoy!

This is picture is from the Lauritzen Gardens website!

Click to learn more details about the Garden Day and the rest of what this urban oasis has to offer!

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Arbor Day In Nebraska

Just in case you missed it, the holiday that Nebraskans can be most proud of is today.  Why?  Because Arbor Day originated in Nebraska.  (Maybe next year I will write a “Flashback Friday” on that!)  Many festivities are planned across the state.  I missed a few today (sorry – I had originally looked it up in the wrong place!), but there are enough activities taking place the rest of the week-end to still keep you plenty busy!

Nebraska City

Arbor Day Festival  How could I start at any another town besides the place that it all originated?  Nebraska City has activities planned all week-end including a fun run, bake sale, flea market and even a parade.  If you hurry, you can catch the two hour carnival tonight.


Lauritzen Gardens  TREEmendous Arbor Day Celebration

Tomorrow morning from 9 to 12, you can take a hike and also learn more about trees.  Early arriver?  The first one hundred groups will receive a free seedling!

Know of any other Arbor Day events?  Please comment below or on my Facebook page.  Of course, you can celebrate wherever you go!  The forecast is good – get out and enjoy! 🙂  I can”t resist ending with a song I remember hearing whenever it was Arbor Day time.

P.S. This also happens to be the Nebraska Science Festival week-end!  Even more activities are happening around the Eastern part of Nebraska, and I will write about them tomorrow morning!




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Bob Kerry Bridge: Spanning Nebraska and Iowa

Bob Kerrey Bridge 1

Last summer, our family enjoyed walking between two states.    The Bob Kerrey Pedesterian Bridge spans the Missouri River and connects both Nebraska and Iowa.    With such wide paths, there was room to explore and enjoy family time outdoors together!

Bob Kerrey Bridge Collage

Always fun, especially for kids, to stand between two states!

Bob Kerrey Bridge 3

The bridge itself is a beautiful piece of architecture.

We chose to park on the Councils Bluffs, Iowa side near the park there to walk back and forth.  This seemed to work well, although we mainly ended up there because we missed the exit on the Omaha side. 🙂

Bob Kerrey Bridge 2

As you walk the 3,000 foot path, you can even stop and learn more about the river and conservation on the way.

Omaha Sign

Being close to downtown Omaha, the bridge is a great way to experience the outdoors while being in a metropolitan area.

Bob Kerrey Bridge 4

Suspended in space!

Bob Kerrey Bridge 5

I hope that we make it back to walk the bridge again in the next several months now that nicer weather is finally arriving in Nebraska!

P.S.  A big thank you to my husband who took many of the great pictures for both yesterday and today’s posts!



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April Nebraska Stories

Tomorrow night is the premiere of yet another Nebraska Stories show on Nebraska Public Television (NET).  This episode seems to be a packed one!  I have to admit that due to a busy week, I have not been able to watch this edition yet.  But I hope to watch tomorrow night at 9:00.  (Well, basically tonight since it happens to be almost midnight 🙂 )Click here for a preview of all that you will be able to see Sunday night, including the return of our Nebraska Olympian, a topic I blogged about in February!

Nebraska Stories Episodes

Air Dates: Premieres Sunday, April 6, at 9 p.m. CT on NET1. This episode of “Nebraska Stories” will repeat several times during April on NET1 including Tuesday, April 8, at 6 p.m. CT; Friday, April 11, at 7 p.m. CT; Tuesday, April 15, at 10:30 p.m. CT; Friday, April 18, at 7 p.m. CT; and Tuesday, April 22, at 11 p.m. CT. It will also air on NET2 World on Saturday, April12, at 1:30 p.m. CT and Sunday, April 13, at 5 p.m. CT.


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Balloonacy: The Adventures of a Red Balloon in Omaha


We arrived in Omaha yesterday morning for a play that would celebrate friendship with a red balloon.  Being big fans of the movie “Up,” we were intrigued to see a balloon featured in a play.  Really the concept was a brilliant one – especially for little people!


Today begins the official 2 week run of the play “Balloonacy” at the Rose Theater in Downtown Omaha.  Who knew the shag rugs would turn into magic carpets as kids have the opportunity to sit on them for the show rather than having to sit still in theater seats?  Who also knew that the simple stage would soon be full of imagination?


A gentleman seems to be having an ordinary day when suddenly a balloon appears through the window.  He tries to send the balloon away but “somehow” the balloon keeps coming back.  Transforming the man from withdrawn to happy, the balloon does turn into the other main character of the show.


My “action” shots were a bit blurry, but you kind of get the idea.  This is unlike any play that I have seen.  Audience participation was encouraged rather than halted.  The cute little preschoolers added to the experience (although at times they might have been a bit distracting).   The main character had hardly any dialogue, but a storyteller came out frequently to discuss what was happening.


My oldest son makes his photographic appearance on this blog with these shots above.  He was so proud when he captured the balloon hiding behind the stage. 🙂 

Promoting friendship, they illustrated the fact that by learning to take a risk to play with the balloon, the lonely man would want to make the effort to make real friends as well.  Explaining how to handle feelings and apologies were also a part of the demonstrated lessons.  While the play is definitely for younger folk, even I walked away with the beneficial reminder that friendship matters!

A big thank you to the Rose Theater for providing the tickets and also for being so flexible on the timing with us!  While all of my kids liked the show, my youngest two really enjoyed the play and would gladly intend again.  As my middle son is almost 9, I think he recognized that the play was intended for littler kids.  The Rose Theater has done a great job with setting the ages correctly.  At $10 a ticket, this show has a lower price for an introductory experience of theater.  Plus at only 45 minutes, your kids should even make it through the whole performance without needing a break!



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Friday Night Lights: Seeing Christmas Displays Across Nebraska

I love driving around this time of year – streets just seem happier this time of year with all of the lights!  I would love them up to shine all winter, but my husband usually shuts them off sometime in January (and most people are done earlier than that!)  I guess I had better enjoy them while I see them!

Nebraska Christmas lights 2

The light pictures above and the at the bottom of the post from our favorite place to drive by every year!  I think I might even be able to sing along with their song sequence by now!

In most small towns, finding the best decorated houses is a bit easier.  With lights on many a corner, finding the most fun displays in cities and larger towns is a bit challenging.  So I thought I would provide you with a few links of some of the best lit homes across the state.  At least according to my initial search – I am sure I missing many beautifully decorated homes. If you know of a great display in your area, please post a comment below or a link on my Odyssey Through Nebraska Facebook page.

Central Nebraska

Christmas lights from Central Nebraska Adventures (Displays and other holiday events)

Minden: Nebraska’s Christmas City

Christmas City

Photo from Minden’s above website!


Christmas on display in Beatrice


Lincoln Journal Star’s Holiday Light Displays


Divots Conference Center “Celebration of Lights” in Norfolk (admission)


Family Fun in Omaha’s Listings of Amazing Christmas Light Displays


Historic Main Street Alliance Displays

Scottsbluff View of Christmas Lights


Despite searching the larger towns in this region, I could not find any published record of any great displays.  If you know of any, please post them.

Nebraska Christmas lights

May the lights shine brightly wherever you are!



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Delicious Delice: European Dining in Omaha

Delice sign

To be honest, my kids were a bit skeptical. In fact they complained a  bit at my choice of restaurant.  But I knew it was a place that my Mom and I would definitely enjoy.  And I knew the kids would like it also if they gave it half a chance .  And I was right – they are clamoring to return to Delice: The European Bakery and Cafe that is located in Midtown Crossing in  Omaha.

Delice Christmas

Their decor is already warm and welcoming.  Add in Christmas decorations, and one could not help but feel at home.  The day was brisk outside and dining near a fireplace was a treat.

I always forget until I am halfway through to take a picture of my meal.  I think I was hungry.  I took the server’s recommendation and ordered the Italian quiche.  I was a bit skeptical because I am not always an olive fan.  Glad I gave it a try – so very good!  My Mom  had the healthier turkey sandwich which she definitely liked also.  My three boys had chicken sandwiches – 2 spicy and Parmesan to be precise.  I managed to sneak a bite of each – definitely a big step above your typical sandwich -delicious bread!  My daughter had the chicken noodle soup – as close to homemade as I have ever had at a restaurant.  (Yes, I managed to take a bite of this too – I definitely had enough lunch that day!)

Delice Food

As you can almost see from the pictures, they have many different quiche combinations, pastry puffs and sandwiches.  They also have a full coffee/drink bar.  And their desserts all looked so luscious.  To leave without trying one would have been a bit sad.  So, I picked a “seasonal” limited time concoction.  We shared their eggnog creme brulee for dessert.  That alone was worth the trip.  Loved the flavor combinations.  II no longer have to convince my kids of the merits of eating at a bakery.  Especially this one.  We will be back again someday!

P.S. Thanks, Kim, of OhMy! Omaha for suggesting that we try dining at Midtown Crossing.  We are so glad that we did!  And the free three hour parking was a definite bonus -we could take our time!  I love that feature of public parking in Omaha!

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Window Gawking: “Miracle on Farnam Street” in Omaha

For lunch when we were in Omaha last week, we headed to Mid-town Crossing.  One definite reason that we went there was to see “Miracle on Farnam Street.”  Twenty-one windows up and down the street have been decorated by twenty-one different Omaha charities.  You get to look at all of them and pick your favorite.  Whichever window gets the most votes will win a $3000 donation courtesy of the Baer Foundation.

Omaha Windows One

That afternoon happened to be bitterly cold – I am not sure that temperatures even made into the teens.  My kids were freezing just walking from the parking garages.  So, we looked at a few near the restaurant.

Omaha Windows Three

I ordered our lunch, then my Mom stayed with the kids while I went around looking at the rest of the windows.  My kids would have LOVED seeing them on a warmer day, but I was worried about them being too cold.  So, we had to limit our group perusing.  If you do go and have your options of days, I would pick a warmer one.  (This Wednesday is supposed to be unseasonably warm in Eastern Nebraska!)

Omaha Windows Two

Taking pictures through glass definitely limits the photographs.  But maybe that is okay.  Now you will just have to go see them for yourself.  I hope they make this an annual tradition.  I loved seeing what all of the groups came up with to visualize the great work that they do across Omaha and Nebraska!

P.S. Tomorrow I will write about where we ate lunch – our food was delicious!  Since I do not want to influence your vote, I am leaving a comment as to which one was my favorite rather than including my opinion in the text.  You can read it if you want to do so! 🙂

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