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Watching other “football” in Nebraska at Lincoln’s Pinnacle Bank Arena

Perhaps my post should really read “futbol,” but no matter how you say the word, it sounds the same, although the two footballs obviously have drastically different meanings.  A new kind of football will be featured in the Capital City tomorrow!  Perhaps you are going futbol crazy watching men down in Brazil kicking a ball around.  Maybe you want to kick your game watching up a notch. Maybe you are wanting to kick off the patriotic 4th of July season a bit early.  Or maybe you just are ready to get out of the house, yet still be inside for the afternoon.  Possibly you have been wanting to make it down to the new Pinnacle Arena in Lincoln but have just not had a good enough reason yet.  Boy, do I have an outing for you!

 File:Soccer ball animated.svg

Image copied from Wikimedia Commons following licensing

Tomorrow late afternoon (following church and meal out, of course, if you are like my family) you can watch the United States versus Portugal at Lincoln’s largest venue for FREE.  Here is the information copied directly from Pinnacle Bank Arena’s website.

If you can’t get to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, don’t despair. Soccer fans of all ages can beat the hot temperatures and watch the U.S.A. national soccer team take on Portugal on Sunday, June 22 at Pinnacle Bank Arena. The match is set for 5:00 p.m. with doors opening at 4:00 p.m.

The public is invited to watch the game on the arena video boards. Admission is free with specials available at select concession stands featuring free popcorn, $2 hot dogs, and $3 beers (12 oz).

“Cheer for Team U.S.A. and watch the game in a fun atmosphere with hundreds of your friends,” said Tom Lorenz, Pinnacle Bank Arena general manager.

Fans can enter the arena from the main and north entrances. Free parking will be available in the Pinnacle Bank Arena Premium Garage, Gate 4 and Festival Parking Lot.

Go, USA!

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@ Lincoln’s New Railyard: Officially Introducing “Skate the Yard”

I just found out about this upcoming opening officially this morning, and I could not resist sharing this with all of you.  In three weeks you could find yourself skating in downtown Lincoln!  December 7th is the official of opening of “Skate the Yard.”  A new outdoor recreational opportunity!

Conceptualized picture directly from the Skate the Yard Blog

Here is an excerpt from the official press release.

LINCOLN, Nebraska (November 14, 2013) – Railyard Entertainment is pleased to announce that the Railyard Ice Rink will open for public skating on Saturday, December 7th at 10:00 a.m.

The 4,200 square foot outdoor rink is the first of its kind in Lincoln, Nebraska and will be situated in the center of the Railyard courtyard. The skating season is scheduled to be open through March 2, 2014.

This fun wintertime activity will become Lincoln’s newest tradition to enjoy the holiday season and experience all that the Railyard has to offer. The rink will be open to the public seven days a week and is located in the West Haymarket entertainment district just across the street from the Pinnacle Bank Arena.

“Opening this ice skating rink in the Railyard is especially dear to our hearts”, said Will Scott, Founder and Principal of WRK, LLC, which manages Railyard Entertainment. “My family grew up on the ice because our late sister, Kit, was a competitive figure skater.Skating is something you can do from age two to 102. We hope that all of Lincoln’s youth will
be introduced to skating here and that skaters of all ages are able to enjoy the rink for years to come.”

If you have your own skates, admission is actually free.  Otherwise skate rental is $6 for children and $9 for adults (age 12 and over).  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  Here are the open hours.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday 4:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.
Friday 4:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.
Saturday 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.
Sunday 12:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

Extended hours during LPS Christmas break.

For more information, please visit the Skate the Yard Blog.

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@ Lincoln’s New Railyard


I really was not sure about adding a new area to Lincoln.  And if you are a Lincoln resident, when you go down the new Railyard area, you feel like you are in a whole other town.  Maybe even another state.  But now that I have been down there a few times, I really LIKE all that they have brought to our town.  Granted, there are a few inconveniences right now.  Such as continued construction and parking.  But gradually this will all settle down.  I definitely think they are bringing exciting new opportunities to our city.

Railyard Courtyard

For one thing, there is a really cool outdoor courtyard (especially this time of year!).  And that building to the right actually holds a GIANT big screen television.  Yesterday the television was showing historical Lincoln photographs in a powerpoint of sorts.  Often the television is showing a sporting event – especially if the Huskers are playing!  Rumor has it that they plan on turning part of the courtyard into an outdoor ice skating experience this winter.  Then you can even skate up to the counter for a hot chocolate/doughnut break (more on that in my next post!)

Railyard Street View

What the area has to offer the most so far is new dining adventures.  I  have not been to Gate 25 yet, but I have tried out a few places already.  In fact, today I plan on taking on you on a dining tour of the new Railyard – presenting a new place to eat for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.  Plus tomorrow I will write about a fun place to watch the Husker game and while being a part of the atmosphere.  And if these four Railyard possibilities are not enough, I posted a few other pictures of places on my Nebraska Odyssey Instagram page.  I hope you enjoy the tour!

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@ The Pinnacle of Lincoln: The New Nebraska Arena

Arena Closer Up

When I completed my first half marathon in 2010, I agreed to become a running billboard.  (Now, before you are that impressed, I finished my 2nd and probably final half last spring.  I am not exactly speedy, but I am glad that I “ran” them both times!)  Anyway the race happened to be days before a big vote was happening that would affect Lincoln.

Yes to Arena

While I doubt my shirt had anything to do with the outcome, Lincoln did vote for a new arena to be built.  And now that that building feat has finally be completed, I personally feel this beautiful structure has added a wonderful element to downtown Lincoln.


The possibilities that have been added for downtown Lincoln life are tremendous.  Concerts, expositions and ball games in a quality setting.  I think the building lives up to the hype.

Arena Grand Opening

On August 28th, my oldest son and I went down for the ribbon cutting.  We were some of the first of several hundred community people through the doorways.  I knew that I wanted to be able to explore and experience.  Since my oldest is a HUGE sports fan, I knew that he would get my excitement over this monumental opening.  (Thanks, my Kyle, for watching our 3 other kids.  Keeping track of one this time was definitely easier!)

Lincoln in the Arena

Lincoln himself welcomes you to this newest Lincoln venture.  Sort of.  At first when the Lincoln Journal-Star revealed that the arena would feature a giant chocolate wall sculpture, I was a bit unsure.  But having seen the artwork in person, I have to say the result is impressive.

Chocolate Art

Even the big “O” is represented.  Since the abundance of “chocolate” might make you hungry, the fact that a concessions stand is nearby is a bonus.

Pinnacle Haymarket Place Food

I have heard that the food is outstanding – not your typical game fare.  They had limited concessions available for their opening afternoon, so I did not try any of their featured meals.  But we actually did enjoy eating a snack there – $1 Valentino’s pizza and $1 pop.  Can’t beat that!  (I told my son to enjoy his possibly one and only arena eating experience.  For normally we will may not get to eat a meal there – especially if all six of us attend an event!)

Arena first views

Finally we got to see our first views of the arena.  People could go out on the floor and try out the new hoops.  We both enjoyed being able to say that we have made baskets at the new arena.  My son was in hardwood heaven!

Arena featuring G

His other highlight was definitely meeting Coach Miles.  He seems to be a genuinely nice guy.  Excited to see what happens with the Husker men’s basketball program in such a great atmosphere!

Arena seats

We made a point of exploring everywhere including trying out the typical stadium seats.  (Fairly roomy rows!)

Pinnacle Box Seats

And admiring the box views.  (The “exclusive” box areas were not open for public perusal.  But they do have a few box-type areas anyone can access.   Leaning a bit allowed me to capture the luxury way to watch games!  🙂  )

The View from the Pinnacle

We also climbed up to the VERY top row.  This is what the floor looks like from above (no zoom applied).  Almost vertigo-causing height, especially since hardly any people were up to there to stabilize the view.

Pinnacle Go Huskers

Due to time and other constraints, we have not attended an official Pinnacle Bank Arena concert or sporting event yet.  But I know that I definitely hope we will be able to take in at least one Husker game this year.  The men’s basketball team has a lot of potential, and the women’s team is already fantastic.  Go Big Red!

Arena thankful

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Travel Tips Tuesday: Park It

A Dilemma for Travelers …

You have looked forward to the outing for awhile.  The day is beautiful, and you are even on time until … there is NO place to park.  The more you circle, the more your joy in the adventure goes out the car window.  I have actually had friends miss a field trip because they could not find a place to park.   Parking is one bit of travel that we do need to take into account before heading out especially if our destination is a metropolitan area with limited spots.    Planning ahead on parking just like we might pick out our outfit in advance.  So, not only knowing directions to our event, but also having a few parking destinations in mind is a great idea.

Did you know that different companies actually own various alleys across metro areas?  This was news to me.  They can actually decide who parks near their buildings.  Some of our friends have graciously let us park in their alley spots when we have made different treks to  downtown Lincoln, saving us a bit of money.  After all, isn’t this everyone’s goal?

DSCN4184_1137August Nikon 13

If you are from a small town, you are maybe laughing because parking is not a factor in planning your events.  (Although I am sure this could be an issue if there is a particularly big ball game being played in town!)   And while you may have meters around the town square, at the most you may drop a quarter or two to spend a few hours downtown.  Enjoy that small town perk!  If you are planning a trip to either Downtown Lincoln or Omaha soon, here are some helpful suggestions!



Parking at meters in Downtown Lincoln went up this year.  You used to be able to park for a dime and have 12 whole minutes to run in and out of your destination.   While a quarter used to buy you 30 whole minutes inside, now that time has been cut in half – fifteen minutes is not quite as meaningful.  (And dimes are no longer worth keeping in the car for only six minutes!)   You can now use your debit card at the meter (if staying an hour or more), so that is helpful.  Most meters have standard times (running 8-6) and provide free parking all day on Sundays.  But … if you happen to use a meter at another Lincoln location (such as East Campus), you may want to confirm their times are the same.


These East Campus parking meters have different hours than downtown Lincoln.

Parking Garages

Actually, some parking garages are actually cheaper now – especially if you find a Park & Go garage.  All of these city owned locations feature “first hour free.”  We keep the Downtown Lincoln map in our car, so that we can always find one of these garages.  At least nine spots are available with more garages being built in the downtown area.   There are several private garages around town that do not provide this service, but if they are closer to your event, they may be worth using!  Note: most take credit cards.  BUT, some only take cash or even check, such as the parking garage right next to Memorial Stadium), so come prepared.

Special Events

Many places charge more for parking for special events.  Last Saturday when my son and I went to watch the Husker game, I was stunned to discover that garages charge a $20 flat fee for the event.  (Evidently it had been awhile since I was the one driving to a game!  Thanks, friends, for letting us use your lot for free in the past) .  I did discover that you can find decent parking if you look and have cash.  We parked for $5 around 20th & Q, so we did have a walk to the stadium, but it was a beautiful day.  Across the street, the Assurity Garage was charging only $10 for all day parking – worth it if you did not have cash.  1 block away from our spot, the lots were $15.  (I teased my son about the fact that walking a block saved us ten bucks!)

DSCN4083_1067August Nikon 13

As far as parking near the new downtown arena, they will have several Pinnacle Bank arena parking lot areas.  According their website, parking costs will range from $3-10, depending on the event.  Cash only. For the recent Jason Aldean country concert, they even had an online map showing just what parking is available.  Much of the Haymarket area is still under construction, so you definitely want to allow extra time if going down for an event!


I really enjoy going to Omaha, but I have to say getting around that town still intimidates me.  And my husband would prefer to avoid downtown Omaha (and even Lincoln) due to the parking hassles.  We definitely do not know how to maneuver the Old Market/Riverfront very well.  So, I asked Kim, of OhMy! Omaha if she could provide some insights into the best places to park if you are heading out to Nebraska’s largest city.

Old Market

– If you’re headed to the Old Market and can’t find on-street parking on the neat brick road, head a little south on 10th Street. You can almost always find a parking spot on the 10th Street bridge, and you don’t have to plug the meter after 5 p.m. or on the weekends. It’s well lit so you’ll feel comfortable walking back to your car at night.
– If you’re going to an event at the CenturyLink Center, skip paying to park in the arena’s lots. You’ll find a couple lots along Riverfront Drive (which starts south of CenturyLink and runs parallel to the arena and the river up to Abbot Drive. The easiest is to park in the parking lots of the now-closed Rick’s Boatyard and walk over the bridge to the arena. If that’s full, head south on Riverfront Drive and you’ll find a small parking lot next to Heartland of America Park.
– Most shows you go to at the Rose Theater will be at a time when parking on the street is free. However, if you can’t find a spot, theater-goers can use the lot next to the Wells Fargo drive through, it’s on the north side of Farnam Street and not really advertised as audience parking but I always use it and so does the rest of the world.
– Midtown Crossing is full of great restaurants now, not to mention a movie theater. If you go there, always park in one of the many garages – they’re free for up to three hours any time of day. The shopping center regularly offers shuttles to events in downtown Omaha, making it a smart choice to leave your car there, and have a ride to and from the game/show/concert.
Thanks, Kim for making Omaha parking less intimidating! Hopefully these tips for both Lincoln and Omaha will make arriving to your next downtown event more enjoyable.
Timing (One last parking tip)
What I continue to learn as a parent – allow plenty of time.  You would think that this would be second nature for me by now – recognizing that kids take longer to get ready and to leave than I think they should.  When my son and I went to the game Saturday, I allowed plenty of time for once.  We were actually in our seats to watch the introductions and the opening band numbers – SO much more enjoyable!  So, I will be continuing to work on allowing myself more time to arrive and to find parking, so that we are not rushing around at the last minute.  We missed a concert last spring because we could not park in time to make it to the limited seating show.  My fault for not calculating that (and for choosing Chic-fil-a even though it was not exactly in the area of the concert. 🙂  ) By the way, if you have any or several children under the age of three, please know that if you arrive on time, appreciate the miracle!  Getting out the door with little ones is definitely a challenge!
P.S. By the way, just wanted to recommend the OhMy! Omaha blog.  If you also enjoy taking road trips to Omaha or even if you live there, by subscribing to her blog, you will be informed of all the great family fun events taking place in the big O!  She also has several permanent links for such things as Omaha train fun and family Mahoney State Park ideas.  Her blog even has “dad approved” outings on the site, so maybe your hubby can take the kids while you enjoy Omaha shopping.  (Hey, a girl can dream! 🙂 )
P.S.  Please read the comments for some great tips for parking on Husker football game days made by Feit Can Write (who attends almost all of the games, so he knows) !
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