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Tarzan is Swinging into Omaha’s Rose Theater this June

Tarzan 2

All photos courtesy of the Rose Theater.

Last night, Tarzan premiered at the Rose Theater in Omaha.  This is part of the official Rose Theater press release:

(OMAHA, Nebr.) TARZAN® (OMAHA, Nebr.) TARZAN® swings onto The Rose stage with high-flying animal energy in the final show of the theater’s 2013-14 season.  Filled with acrobatic choreography and bursting with African jungle adventure, The Rose’s production of TARZAN® the Disney film, dares audiences to get in touch with their wild side, June 6-22, 2014.

Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “Tarzan of the Apes” and the smash hit 1999 Disney animated film, TARZAN®, is a touching story full of fun and adventure that will appeal to all ages.  TARZAN® tells the story of an infant boy orphaned on the shores of West Africa. Taken in and raised by a tribe of gorillas, the young boy strives for acceptance by his ape father while grappling with his uniqueness. When a human expedition enters their territory, Tarzan – now a man – encounters strangers like himself for the first time and finds himself suddenly caught between two worlds. The musical, written by Tony Award-winning playwright David Henry Hwang, follows Tarzan’s personal journey as he discovers what it means to be a man. As in Burrough’s original book, the character in the musical adaptation is driven by his own curiosity about who he is and where he belongs.

The Rose’s production of TARZAN® focuses on what it means to be a family and what family means in an ever-changing, chaotic world. It challenges audiences to realize that true family provides unconditional love, understanding and compassion. Our version is relevant to families because it embodies the idea that love knows no boundaries when it comes to an individual’s background. We are all worthy of love, and it is our birthright as human beings to make sure we give and receive it,” said Rose artistic director Matthew Gutschick.

The show communicates this message with heart-pumping music written by rock legend Phil Collins, including “Son of Man,” “Two Worlds,” and the Grammy and Oscar winning song, “You’ll Be In My Heart.”

Tarzan 3

If you would like to go see this musical live and in person, you have several more available options, starting this afternoon!

Saturday, June 7 2 pm
Sunday, June 8 2 pm
Friday, June 13 7 pm
Saturday, June 14 2 pm
Sunday, June 15 2 pm
Thursday, June 19 7 pm
Friday, June 20 7 pm
Saturday, June 21 2 pm
Sunday, June 22 2 pm

Tarzan 1

Since this is considered a premiere show, tickets are $25 for main floor and $20 for balcony seats.  The show lasts for 2 hours (with an intermission) and is recommended for kids age 4-11.  Swing in for a great time!

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Thursday Theater: Ramona Quimby is opening at the Rose Theater tomorrow!

When I was a kid, I was a big fan of Beverly Cleary.  Once you have read about Ramona and Beezus, they become your “friends” for life.  The quirkiness and delightfulness of Cleary’s characters will be coming to life from April 25th to May 11th at the Rose Theater in Omaha.  Here a few pictures (provided to me from the Rose) that give you just a taste of what the play will be like!

IMG_4183 IMG_4089 IMG_4079 IMG_4033


With appreciation to the Rose Theater for providing me with these pictures!

As you can tell, much of the play seems to be in a school setting. When I was younger, I would have related to the students and their struggles to be heard.  BUt now, as a former teacher, I can definitely relate to having students with varying levels of engagement.  I am pretty sure I would sympathize with this teacher’s attempt to keep her class on track!

If you are looking for a fun play that would appeal to the whole family, look no further than Ramona Quimby at the Rose Theater.  The play premieres tomorrow night.  The Saturday 2:00 performance on May 3rd will also be interpreted for the hearing impaired.   With having young actors performing, this play will be especially funny and charming!

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Thursday Theater: “Jackie & Me” starting tomorrow at the Rose

Recently for a family movie night, we enjoyed watching 42.  Seeing Jackie Robinson’s life be played out on screen helped all of us to begin to grasp the real struggles that this man had throughout his storied baseball career.

My son also happens to be a big fan of the children’s author, Dan Gutman. (In fact just today he was asking when his latest book was going to be ready to check out.) The play, Jackie & Me, based on Gutman’s book opens at the Rose Theater tomorrow night in Omaha.  When you combine Jackie Robinson and Gutman’s writing, a hit out of the ballpark is bound to happen.

Jackie 1

Here is the official description of the play from the Rose …

The Rose is very excited about our upcoming production of “Jackie & Me,” which runs Feb. 28 through Mar. 16. The show is based on the popular book by Dan Gutman, and while it is a story written for children, it deals with very grown-up topics. The play tells the story of Joey Stoshack, a baseball-obsessed boy who receives a school assignment to write a research paper for Black History Month. Joey possesses a special talent — he can travel back in time just by holding a vintage baseball card. Joey decides to go back to 1947 and meet the great Jackie Robinson, the first African-American player in the major leagues. In the process, he learns first-hand the struggles the ballplayer encountered as he broke baseball’s color barrier and leaves with his view of history and definition of courage forever changed

Jackie 2

This is evidently a dialogue driven show.  Due to this and the fact that the play tackles some challenging issues, the show is recommended for kids age 6 and up.    Interested in attending?  Here are a few more things you need to know.

Show Specifics: Historical Drama • Best for families  with children ages   6 to 13.  The play lasts  75 minutes with no intermission.  Shows will be taking place the next three week-ends!

Tickets: $18 general admission, but discount ticket vouchers are  available at all area Hy-Vee stores  for $14 each.  Reservations are required.

Call  (402) 345-4849 or purchase online at

Jackie 3

All pictures  and facts about the show were provided to me by the Rose Theater.  Unfortunately due to timing, younger children and one child recovering from bronchitis (who would have been a bit disruptive with his cough), we did not get to attend the preview performance today.  But I was told by someone who did that the acting is superb, and the message is a meaningful one for elementary students.  Play ball!

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Watching Christmas in Another Land Part Two: Narnia Found in Nebraska

My heading for this one might be a bit of a misnomer.  After all, if you are familiar with Narnia you know that it is the land where it always snows but there is no Christmas.  At least until the end … oops, hope I didn’t give anything away. 🙂  Last night was opening night for Narnia at the Rose Theater in Omaha.  Since I already posted that I was in Beatrice last night, you might be thinking that I am some sort of magician myself – managing to be two places at once.  But no, the Rose has granted me permission to share portions of their press releases and photographs to give you a sneak peak to the show.

First, my pretend press release …

Who: Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy and a whole host of imaginative creatures including Mr. Beaver, Tumnis and of course the White Witch

What: A musical representation of the land beyond

Where: The wardrobe of course which keeps them connected to Narnia

When: No one is quite sure of the passage of time.  They can enter Narnia and be gone for what seems like quite a length then come back to only a few minutes seeming to have passed.

Why: Mainly Lucy and then Edmund are the ones who return

How does Narnia change the 4 Pevensies?  How do they change Narnia?  (Yes, that is the last name of the 4 children – definitely news to me!)

What is the basis of Narnia?

“On one level, Narnia is a simple fairy tale,“ says guest   director Jesse Jou. “But like so many ‘simple’ fairy tales, it   has some serious things to say about how we live in the world.    The  story tackles some pretty big questions about   ethics, faith,  the  nature of violence, and ultimately, grace.”

What type of growth do you see in the children throughout the play?

“There is a heart of seriousness to the story that I want to  honor,”  says  Jou.  “It is a  show for children,  but it is a show   that tells children how to grow up.  For children so small, they have to grow up quite a lot in the play. The journey teaches   these children the strength, courage,  and resiliency to   become good, noble adults, especially when things are very hard.”

What is different about this show and why should you go to see a performance (or two)?

Audiences  can  expect a performance that is both   entertaining and visually engaging.  Heavily influenced by the Art Nouveau movement and celebrated painter Charles  Rennie Macintosh, scenic designer Edward Matthew Walter has given Narnia a strong visual signature that  evokes the land’s beauty and majesty with a unique Art Deco design. Coupled with lighting designer Kyle Toth’s juxtaposition of light and shadow as a nod to the story’s overall theme of good versus evil, the set provides  the perfect framework for this classic  tale.
“It is beautiful, but if you look closer, things might not be what they actually seem,” said Toth. “This world has been under a spell by a witch who has  locked us into a forever winter. I wanted to give the idea that everything in Narnia used to be something sparkly and  pristine, but it has given way to decay under the White Witch’s rule.”
“All  the  elements of the show come together to create a densely textured experience that  allows  us  to tell the story of  adventure, loyalty,  childhood and faith,”  said Jou.  “In the end, we hope to create something that reverberates humanity back to us.  It will be dark, a little scary, but in the end, really, really beautiful.”

Opening night was last night, but you have until December 29th to catch a performance of Narnia.  I would not wait too long to at least get tickets, as two of the shows are already sold out.  Due to the intensity of certain parts of the storyline, the recommended ages for this show are six to thirteen.  Tickets: $20-$25 reserved seats. Call (402) 345-4849 or purchase online at  Discount ticket vouchers and a Roberts Dairy special purchase offer are available at Hy-Vee. See Hy-Vee customer service for details. Reservations are required.


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