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With Four Months Down, Where will I be going Next?

My blog is 4 months old today.  This is probably most significant to my family who have had to put with Mom transforming herself into a writer.  Especially since initially I was just a blogger, but now I am also writing articles.  And they have put with me documenting wherever we travel with my camera.  Hopefully they will actually appreciate that someday.  That is if I ever actually print any of the pictures.

Four @ the Market Place

Still my four of my favorite travelers.  I really like traveling with their Dad too!

For my 100th blog post a few weeks ago, I wrote about becoming “Unpretentious” which has been one of the wonderful parts of our experiences in traveling about.  Another result has been that my kids have started enjoying taking pictures too – especially my 2nd son.  Hopefully one of these days I will post some of his favorite photographs.

Speaking of pictures, I finally joined the Instagram world.  Based on the number of my personal Facebook friends who use this app already, I am thinking that my arrival has been a bit delayed. Since I transferred photos from my camera not that long ago, my picture portfolio on Instagram may also be a bit slow in its growth.  Below I am going to attempt to add a picture from my new account.  If there is not a photo below, you know that I was unsuccessful.  I will have to try again.  If you want to follow me, my user name is nebraskaodyssey.  Since my account will obviously be public, I may be posting more pictures of places than of people.  But we’ll see.

Fall Tree

So posting directly from Instagram did not work, but this is the picture that you can see on my Instagram.  Almost what I was trying to accomplish!

One of my posts clear back in July was about my unfamiliarity with certain aspects of social media.  Parts of this uber-connected world still  cause me a bit of trepidation and confusion.  But I did decide to join the twitter world.  And you are almost the first to know (I thought I should maybe mention this fact to my husband ).

I decided to finally take this step for several reasons.  Sometimes twitter is helpful if you are signing up to try to win prizes.  For instance, tickets to the ‘Elf Musical” that Oh My! Omaha will be giving away soon. Possibly the real reason I started …  the other night I needed to have a Twitter account to tell my son “Happy 5th birthday” when we were at the Husker volleyball game.  (I think there might be a learning curve for me on this technology at first as I accidentally tweeted the same phrase three times, and I do not think my greetings even made it on their big screen – oh, well!)

A five and a six

We now have a five and a six.  (Eight and Eleven – not pictured 🙂 )

At times, I also want to be able to give my take on a social issue if there is a media blitz going on.  While I have 2 blogs (my other one is, I plan to only have one Twitter account.  So, at times my personal bias will definitely show through on my Twitter, whereas this Nebraska blog tends to be a bit more neutral.  I plan on following my favorite authors and artists, as well as many of my Nebraska connections.

If you are a “tweeter,” you are welcome to follow me: @NebraskaOdyssey

(The same user name as my Instagram – isn’t that handy?)

So, now I have a Nebraska Odyssey blog, e-mail, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  If you follow me at all of those places, you might just follow me around even more than my kids do.  (And that tends to be A LOT!)  And that may be all I start, but I guess I should not limit my direction because who knows!

4 being thankful

One more final thought … this month I plan on featuring beloved places (and people) out and  about in Nebraska.  Kind of a gratitude journal with a twist.  Since I really appreciate quilts, that worked out well that this will be the subject of my first few November posts.   (Almost like I planned it that way! 🙂  I am hoping that the places that I love will become some of your favorites as well!

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Social Media Whirlwind through Nebraska

As a mom, I often feel like I am twirling around.  Keeping up with my responsibilities can be a bit overwhelming, and I can be a bit too good at ignoring the things that are not my favorite.  (Like balancing the checkbook or mopping the floor!)  This new world of social media options causes me to feel even more twisted.  And having been a bit too close to the 2004 tornado that passed near our Hickman home has left me rather leery of whirlwinds!


Picture of the Omaha tornado from 100 years ago that I am perfectly fine with having missed!

I am caught right in between the informational age.  After all, I can still remember our Apple Computer green screen and playing “Little Brick Out” as a child. And I didn’t really begin sending e-mails until I was a senior in college.  Back then, even being on the internet was a big deal.  Cell phones were often in a bag in your car for emergencies – not for connecting you to the world 24/7.

Because I enjoy writing and like staying connected, I can struggle with social media.  I will admit I have checked my Facebook page during my kids’ baseball games.  Not very often, but more than I should have.  Although I like watching, sitting there for 2 hours does seem a bit long at times.  Or I will quickly look up things on the internet on family outings that could have waited until later.  I know that is something that I need to work on because I do want to be fully there for them – not distracted all of the time.

But despite the pull of my smart phone, I know that I am definitely not technologically savvy.  I really do not fully understand all of the options that blogging presents to me.  I thought tumbler described my daughter who does gymnastics.  And “digg it” sounds like a 70’s phrase – not one from today.  And for a long time, I thought “Linked in” was only for people who lived in Lincoln who were a part of some secret club. I still think tweeting is for the birds. Although I have to appreciate one’s ability to abbreviate thoughts, rather than going on and on (like writers can tend to do …)  But, while I love my life, I am really not sure that anyone beyond my family would enjoy subscribing to it.

Took kids swimming Wednesday.  Sunburns abound despite sunscreen.  Too little or too late?

Really?  Not even sure that is worth writing home about, much less having it land in a bunch of people’s accounts.  Now I have to admit that I might like being a Twitter follower during Husker football season.  I would enjoy knowing the inside scoop of what is happening on the field during 1st quarter.  But I think for now, I will just stick with watching television sports coverage after the game.


One of my goals in writing on this site is to talk about what my family has experienced through Nebraska.  Sorry – I already broke that rule this week by writing about Burwell, despite the fact that I have not set foot in that town.  Yet.   I really do not want to be just a tourism site – you can go to Visit Nebraska for that.  But I know that events will be coming up that will be perfect for families.  Events that if I would simply blog about them later would already be missed.  That is like looking through a stack of vacation pictures taken by someone else – definitely not the same thing as being there.

So, while so far I have not joined the world of tumbling or digging or tweeting, I do know Facebook.  So, I have started an Odyssey Through Nebraska Facebook page.  All of my posts go directly there, so if you really do not like getting e-mail updates, you can know about what I am writing by checking that page sometimes.  I also am hoping to post information about upcoming family friendly activities in Nebraska.  Like today, the Durham Museum is having a “Wild West” day, and that fits in perfectly with what I have been posting lately even!  (Visit my Facebook page to learn more!)  (In the future, I will try to give you more notice than just a few hours)


Now this does not mean that I am personally endorsing every publicized event or even attending them all.  In fact, I would love to head up to the Durham today, but for my daughter, attending her friends’ birthday party is a much more significant event.  But maybe some of you have the time today and want to get away on this beautiful almost spring-like July day.

I also did finally join the world of Pinterest too.  So, I hope to gradually begin posting some of my Nebraska pictures on my site.  I want more people to know about our great state!

At some point, I will hopefully have links on my blog where you can connect to either my Facebook or Pinterest pages.  (I will be calling one of my tech savvy friends to help me with that).  While there will be some overlap between those pages, I am hoping to include unique aspects to each site.  Nothing was more annoying in college than to go to class and listen to the professor basically read the assigned textbook pages back to me.  Just as there was no reason to go to class to learn what I had already read, there is no point in having three “Odyssey through Nebraska” sites that are all almost identical.  I am hopeful that the Facebook page especially will be a community site where many of you will also post.  Many of you will know about events that have not crossed my radar, and I want you to share them.

I hope you know that I do appreciate you joining me on this blog adventure.  (And if you decide to join me in the other lands of social media, that is great too.)  I also desire to keep my online world in check.  Since one of my main goals of this blog is to explore Nebraska with my kids, I do not want to be so busy connecting with everyone else that I forget to be a part of my own family and do not manage to engage in the experiences with them.  So, while future social media connections may be eventual possibilities, for now the ones that I have entered are enough of a whirlwind to me.  And don’t worry – if I begin tweeting, you’ll be the first to know.  Apart from those waiting with bated breath on Twitter for me to join of course!


P.S. If you are one who can keep up with all of the social media, this entry was not intended to bash you in any way.  I am guessing that for you “technology” is a ten letter word the way that it was intended, rather than the four letter word that it often is for me!

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