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A Day in the Good Life: Search Key Words on Your Blog

Today I am linking up again with a fine group of Nebraska bloggers.  I am supposed to look for common searches on my blog.  As a fairly new blogger, I am not certain that anyone actually searches for anything on my blog.  I’d like to think that people read it, but since I can only control the writing part, who knows?  The most common search on my blog was “hobby horse obsticle course.”  Yes, that is correct – someone found my blog by misspelling a word.  I panicked thinking perhaps I did not spell obstacle correctly, but I looked back and discovered that at least that time, my spelling was okay.  The other searches were just “odyssey through Nebraska.”

So, since I do not have much to go on, instead I decided to create a representation of the words that I want to represent my blog.  A friend showed me wordle several months ago, and I decided that today was a good day to try creating my own word picture.  This is what I want people to find when they search on my blog.

For a larger version of this wordle, you can go directly to the site.

To see what people look for on other Nebraska blogger sites, you can go here.

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