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Savoring Saturday: Carmela’s Bistro and Wine Bar (Lincoln’s Restaurant Week)

Carmela's table for two

Notice anything special about this picture?  Possibly the lack of crayons?  No stack of napkins?  Just two chairs?  Yes, last night my husband and I experienced Lincoln’s Restaurant Week on A DATE!  Can I get a woo-hoo?

After writing about Lincoln’s Restaurant Week earlier, I knew that I wanted to go out and have an actual dining experience.  Complete with conversation.  I am starting to realize that I really do not like very many fast food places.  (Perhaps cooking even more often and going out less often to nicer places just might be my new goal.)  Clicking on all of the Lincoln Restaurant Week options, I had fun trying to pick where we would go.  In the end, our selection came down to two factors: 1) what locations were close to our next destination AND 2) where would we would not take our children to dine.  Our choice: Carmela’s Bistro and Wine Bar.

Carmela's setting

Located in the Pioneer Woods Shopping Complex right off of 70th Street, I do believe that this may be an overlooked dining destination in Lincoln.  The ambiance was soothing, and our meals were delicious.  We cannot speak for the wine quality.  As we were both already tired from a short night of sleep (children!), we decided that a bit of vino would contribute toward the likelihood of us sleeping through the concert we were about to attend.  (Since the lights were dim soothing acoustic instruments were played, our prediction of nap taking would have definitely come true).  So, we stuck with the water.

My dining companion and I decided to share an appetizer and then one of the $19.95 three course offerings.  Doesn’t that somehow sound more glamorous to say “dining companion?”  Anyway, my companion, my sweet husband, let me do the ordering.  I tend to be more of a foodie, so the menu was making me a bit excited.  He tends to be overwhelmed at all of the choices (just give me a burger), but he usually likes what I pick for him to eat.  Since I do the majority of the cooking at our house, I guess that makes sense!

Carmela's Bread

Any meal that starts out with sourdough bread has to be a good one!

Carmela's Duck Poutine

Our appetizer selection was the duck poutine.  This was a sound decision since duck will probably not be on our menu any time soon.  This is the official description from the online menu: crisp French fries, duck reduction, duck confit, Parmesan cream sauce and crispy leeks. My husband reminded me that the last time we had duck, (dining one other time without children), that I did not really like duck.  This time though, I was not disappointed.

Deliciously rich.  Almost too rich – sharing with just two was almost too much, and this would not taste quite as spectacular heated up.  Sharing with friends makes the experience more fun anyway!  I just might order this appetizer to go someday to share with our children.  Any preconceived ideas that they might have about eating duck would fly out the window.  As long as I did not manage to tell them what was covering the French fries until after they ate them.   So very good!

Carmela's Salad

We chose the salad for our first official course of the evening.  The menu description: Gorgonzola & Honey Salad – Mixed Green / Candied Walnuts / Red Onion / Gorgonzola / Grapes / White Balsamic & Honey Vinaigrette / Crostini

Putting grapes on a lettuce salad had never occurred to me before.  They will now be a welcome addition to our greens.  The vinaigrette was lightly applied resulting in a salad with delicate flavors that combined well.

The listed main course offerings ALMOST kept us from trying the restaurant.  You see, according the menu on the Lincoln Restaurant Week site, smoked salmon was featured.  For both an appetizer and two of the main courses.  While I like smoked salmon, I do think that was a bit odd.  After arriving at Carmela’s, discovering that their actual selections were blackened Tilapia for the 2nd entree and pasta for the 3rd entree was a nice surprise.

Carmela's blackened tilipia and vegetables

We ordered the signature dish that is not on the regular menu: blackened Tilapia with Creole Sauce and watermelon pico over whipped potatoes with steamed broccoli. If this item ever is added to their dinner selections, I would definitely order the specialty again.  The tilapia was perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of meat, and the watermelon pico salsa added the perfect touch of sweetness.  The vegetables were also delicious.

Carmela's white chocolate bread pudding

Dessert!  At this point, we were both rather full.  Since the concert was just beginning, we took our white chocolate bread pudding to go.  Then we went home and relished part of the dessert.  I was going to sneak the rest for breakfast but went another direction instead.  At the moment, the bread pudding is waiting for both of us to finish later.  Possibly I will have enough will power to keep the dessert in the fridge.  I would definitely order that again too!

Will I return to Carmela’s?  I certainly plan to do so.    I do think it is probably more of a date night or girls night out place, but they do offer a Sunday brunch that you could definitely enjoy as a family.  Due to the wine bottle decor, I would probably not show up with a wandering three year old.  Yet older children would enjoy the restaurant, especially if they appreciate gourmet food.  Perfect for a special family or other larger gatherings. reservations are available for up to 32 people – difficult to find places that will do that anymore.

You still have five days to enjoy Lincoln Restaurant Week.  I appreciated the three course offerings since that gave me an opportunity to try several menu items at a fabulous price.  Having an excuse to get dessert at the end of meal was wonderful!  Ordering off the menu at any of the featured locations is still also a possibility.  Choosing a restaurant that you have always wanted to try will result in a fabulous evening of excellent dining.

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Flashback Friday: National Donut Day & Celebrating in Nebraska

This is one of my family’s favorite holidays.  Besides Christmas and Easter of course and Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.  Maybe I should just say, this is a day that we definitely like to remember.  We do like our donuts.  Taking six people out for donuts can get a bit expensive, so mainly we buy them when they are on sale at the store.  This is one day that my kids get to go to our favorite donut shop (LaMar’s Donuts) and enjoy a fresh, piping hot morsel of deliciousness.

Until reading a small paragraph in a local grocery advertisement, I just assumed that the holiday was created by a donut franchise somewhere who wanted more business.  (Kind of the like the Jimmy John’s Customer Appreciation Day – we like that one too!  Noticing a trend here?  Yes, we like free food! I do have 3 boys after all! 🙂 )

Anyway, enough tangents.  I was quite surprised to discover that there is actually a story behind “National Donut Day.”  And the tale is meaningful one that involves two important organizations: The Salvation Army and our United States military.


Image from Wikipedia

Almost one hundred years ago, across the ocean, soldiers in the French trenches were in need of a morale booster.  So, Salvation Army workers began to serve them coffee and donuts.  (That illustrates a level of bravery that is not normally demonstrated for those passing out pastries!)  Now the workers were not there with that purpose.  Their goal instead was to provide spiritual guidance and a connection with the memories of home.  The donut was a visible symbol to them that someday peace would exist again, and home was not quite as far away as it had been before.

Not until the Great Depression did “National Donut Day” illustrate the page of a calendar.  At this point, the Salvation Army wanted everyone to know about the great work that they were doing in providing service to the community.  In 1937, the world was on the brink of another war.  Our country needed to recognize the importance of working together for a cause.  What a better way to remind everyone of the value of service than by celebrating with donuts?  A visual representation of how many had selflessly taken care of others on battle fields far away just twenty years prior.

This “Donut Day” has continued to be an important holiday  A way to remember all that the Salvation Army has continued to do, for the past three-quarters of a century, to make a difference in other people’s lives.  In fact, I learned all of this information from The Metropolitan Division of the Chicage Salvation Army.  On their website, they have many additional fun and fascinating facts about the history of Donut Day.  This one was very interesting to me.

National Donut Day commemorates the “donut lassies,” female Salvation Army volunteers who provided writing supplies, stamps, clothes-mending and home-cooked meals, and of course, donuts, for soldiers on the front lines.

Here is a short video that you can also watch to learn more.

Now that you know that “National Donut Day” came about due to historical events, you have all the more reason to celebrate.  Many of the bigger national chains are giving away free donuts.  I know that our local grocery stores are giving free donuts to so many customers and then giving out discounted ones as well.  A yummy holiday and a great day to remember those who serve!

P.S. On a more serious  note, today is the anniversary of the D-Day Invasion.  A cause that involved many Americans, including Nebraskans.  I do not believe you can say this word enough to veterans: Thank you!

P.P.S. One our other favorite doughnut places, The Doughnut Hole is having specials and a drawing for free doughnuts tomorrow.  They are also revealing a brand new flavor!  You will want to arrive EARLY – they will sell out!


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Lincoln’s First Bite Before Restaurant Week Starts Tomorrow (6-6-14)

Tonight is Lincoln’s First Bite – the kickoff to  restaurant week.  At this benefit for the Lincoln Food Bank, you can have a sneak peak at all of the restaurants that are being featured during Lincoln’s Restaurant Week.  Tickets are available at the door for only $30.  Already have plans for tonight?  Well, you have one whole week to dine at a number of fabulous Lincoln dining establishments.

From June 6th to the 12th, sixteen Lincoln area restaurants will be offering a discounted, but fixed, price three-course dinner menu.  Each appetizer, entrée and dessert will cost only $19.95 or $29.95 per person.  You pick the place and the price.  A fine meal will definitely follow.  Below are links to all of the special courses that are available.  If you would like to look at each restaurant’s website directly, the “Lincoln Restaurant Week” blog has direct links on their site, so that you can look at each dining place’s regular menus.


Creme brulee – a dessert that is an option at several of these restaurants.

9 South Char Grill

Billy’s Restaurant

Brix & Stone Gastropub

Carmela’s Bistro and Wine Bar



Green Gateau


Hiro 88 West Haymarket


jtk Cuisine & Cocktails


Rodizio Grill

Single Barrel

Venue Restaurant & Lounge

Wilderness Ridge: The Lodge

Reservations are not required, but are strongly encouraged.  The standard restaurant menus will also be available.  Tax, gratuity and beverage are not included in the fixed price.  What a great opportunity to try amazing Lincoln restaurants at excellent prices for gourmet fare!






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Playa Azul: Enjoying Mexican Food in Beatrice, Nebraska

If you happen to be from the Beatrice area, maybe you guessed where we were in yesterday’s “Wordless Wednesday.”

Beatrice Restaurant Sign

On a brisk winter day, we met some friends at this fine establishment.  I recognized the Spanish word “azul” meaning blue.  And now I know “playa” means beach.  The decor of the restaurant definitely fit the name!  The decor just feels happy.  They even have aquariums of fish!

Beatrice Restaurant Decor

They start the meal with complimentary chips & salsa – both mild and hot (making all of my children happy!)  Then the food was authentic AND delicious!  Their guacamole is some of the best that I have ever had!  They actually had a taco salad on the kids menu – the favorite of one of my children!  And their lunch fajitas were also on special – which thrilled my oldest!

Beatrice Restaurant Food

This seemed like a fitting place to “visit” with Cinco de Mayo being earlier this week.  Plus featuring a restaurant the week of Mother’s Day also seemed fitting.  I know this Mama is definitely not wanting to cook this Sunday.  (I think I do enough of that the rest of the year! 🙂 )

The best part of the meal was dining with longtime friends that I rarely see.  And I was rather sad to discover that I did not take a picture of them.  Sometimes I can get too caught up in worrying about food and decor shots and forget the people that really mattered.  A good reminder of me to remember to focus!  Anyway, thanks, friends for meeting us!

Enjoy celebrating as a Mom and hopefully with your Mom this week!


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Savoring Saturday: Aurora Pizza Hut (Making It Great!)

I have eaten at many a Pizza Hut across Nebraska.  This partly is due to the fact that when I used to run cross country, almost every small town has a Pizza Hut.  A great place for carb re-loading after a run!  The other reason – Book-it.  We have participated every year in Pizza Hut’s reading incentive program.  Normally, I try to mainly write about unique original places.  Since many Nebraska towns have Pizza Huts, this restaurant does not exactly qualify.  But I have to say that there is just something unique about the Pizza Hut in Aurora.  Since I already took you to the town earlier this week with our “visit” to Edgerton, why not go back to the town for pizza?

How does the Aurora Pizza Hut “make it great?”  First of all, their buffet selection is extensive.  They have seem to have many more pizza choices and pasta – they always have their alfredo break on the line.  Plus they have yummy desserts, and they also seem to keep the food extra fresh.  I am not sure how many times my kids went back through the line when we went in November, but it was quite a few.

Aurora Pizza Hut Food Collage

The second that is great about the Aurora Pizza Hut – they have captured the essence of the town.  By mounting photographs prominently on the walls, they are displaying pictures of the places that define Aurora.  You could even do a town scavenger hunt after dining.  See the picture on the Pizza Hut wall – try to find the place as you drive about the town.  No, we have not done this …yet. I am thinking that would be a fun family project.

Aurora Pizza Hut Picture Collage

Taking pictures of pictures often results in a glare – sorry about that!

The top of the list why the Aurora Pizza Hut is my favorite?  I have SO many memories of my family there.  That is often the place where we have had many of our extended family gatherings.  They have a big “party” room off to the side, so that has been the place where we often meet, especially as there is now SO many of us.  I love my family and getting to spend time with them is even more of a privilege now that we live farther apart.

Aurora Pizza Hut Family\

(My apologies to my family – I know have pictures of many more of you from these experiences.  These are the ones I could find.  Obviously I need to figure out a better way to store them!)

So, if you are in the area, I have given you three great reasons to check out the Aurora Pizza Hut.  Although Saturday is the one day that they do not have buffet, so you may want wait until tomorrow!


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Tasty Tuesday: Wahoo’s Fish Tacos in Lincoln, NE

When the Lincoln Journal-Star had their 1/2 price deals for many places at Christmas, I decided it was a great time to try a new place!  Wahoo’s Fish Tacos was on the list.  I could buy a $20 gift card for $10 – a great bargain.  The kids were not quite as enthusiastic about the destination at first – the word “fish” scared them.  I assured them there was more than just seafood on the menu.

Wahoo's wall

When you first step in the door, you feel like you are walking into sunshine.  Happy music is playing.  And the decor is a mix of California surf shop and stickers.  Yes – you read that correctly.  Evidently anyone can place stickers on the wall.  My kids are already planning on bringing some with to make their mark next time.

Wahoo's Decor

Yes, we are definitely going back!  For one thing, the food was reasonably priced.  The kids meals came with drinks (a big cheer from my kiddos!), and the meals actually filled up even my oldest.  The younger ones took home boxes.  Since we went the last day in December, they still had their December gift card special.  If you bought $25, you received $10 free.  A great deal!

Wahoo's Food

The food was also delicious!   I am not always sure about onion rings at most places, but Wahoo’s definitely makes great ones!  Unfortunately they only come in one size (large), so we may not get them next time.  If they added a small size where we could each have one, we would definitely regularly order those!

My youngest two went with the simple quesadillas.  My 2nd son was thrilled that he could have a steak taco with a kids meal, and he loved all of the cilantro on top!  I was proud of my oldest – he tried the spicy fish taco.  That is what I also ordered – definitely yummy and fresh tasting.  The cilantro sauce added delectable creaminess!  I easily had enough for lunch the next day.  Of course eating a few onion rings also might have contributed to that … Other than the rings (and possibly the pop), the tacos themselves actually seemed like a healthy fast food.  Next time, the kids are excited to bring Dad with us – I think my husband will enjoy the restaurant as well.  I definitely recommend Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s in Downtown Lincoln!

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Tasty Tuesday: The Versatile Wreath that Lasts Beyond December

Surprisingly ,  these days you will almost always find crescent rolls in my refrigerator.  This ingredient is essential to my new go-to recipe: the savory ring/wreath.  I have eaten these before – Pampered Chef parties used to feature them often.  (You can find a few variations on  Once I realized that this was a quick dinner and was a great way to use up leftover meat and vegetables, I have made this often.  Another good reason: they are always a hit around here!

First, you unroll two packages of crescent rolls.  Overlapping them around a pizza pan or baking stone, you will create the beginnings of a wreath shape. (The wider ends of the triangle overlap as a circle in the middle.)

Wreath 1

Press the edges together.  Then add your filling.  You will need 3-4 cups of filling.  This time I used leftover sausage, roasted red peppers and alfredo sauce.

Wreath 2

This was almost too much filling as some did spill over the edges.  (A good excuse to clean my oven!)  Then you fold the narrow part of the triangle to the center, tucking it under.

Wreath 3

Bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes.  Basically you are browning the rolls and heating the filling.  You always want to use cooked meat – raw would not cook up well at all, plus would not be good with the dough.

Wreath 4

Suggested combinations: ham & broccoli; pepperoni with pizza sauce; taco meat/cheese (a variation known as the Taco Ring in Pampered Chef circles).  Options are almost endless!  This is a wreath you can enjoy year round.  A great idea for ringing in the new year if your plans involve staying home as opposed to going out!

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Delicious Delice: European Dining in Omaha

Delice sign

To be honest, my kids were a bit skeptical. In fact they complained a  bit at my choice of restaurant.  But I knew it was a place that my Mom and I would definitely enjoy.  And I knew the kids would like it also if they gave it half a chance .  And I was right – they are clamoring to return to Delice: The European Bakery and Cafe that is located in Midtown Crossing in  Omaha.

Delice Christmas

Their decor is already warm and welcoming.  Add in Christmas decorations, and one could not help but feel at home.  The day was brisk outside and dining near a fireplace was a treat.

I always forget until I am halfway through to take a picture of my meal.  I think I was hungry.  I took the server’s recommendation and ordered the Italian quiche.  I was a bit skeptical because I am not always an olive fan.  Glad I gave it a try – so very good!  My Mom  had the healthier turkey sandwich which she definitely liked also.  My three boys had chicken sandwiches – 2 spicy and Parmesan to be precise.  I managed to sneak a bite of each – definitely a big step above your typical sandwich -delicious bread!  My daughter had the chicken noodle soup – as close to homemade as I have ever had at a restaurant.  (Yes, I managed to take a bite of this too – I definitely had enough lunch that day!)

Delice Food

As you can almost see from the pictures, they have many different quiche combinations, pastry puffs and sandwiches.  They also have a full coffee/drink bar.  And their desserts all looked so luscious.  To leave without trying one would have been a bit sad.  So, I picked a “seasonal” limited time concoction.  We shared their eggnog creme brulee for dessert.  That alone was worth the trip.  Loved the flavor combinations.  II no longer have to convince my kids of the merits of eating at a bakery.  Especially this one.  We will be back again someday!

P.S. Thanks, Kim, of OhMy! Omaha for suggesting that we try dining at Midtown Crossing.  We are so glad that we did!  And the free three hour parking was a definite bonus -we could take our time!  I love that feature of public parking in Omaha!

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Tasty Tuesday: Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Chip Cookies

I think that cookie dough might be my kryptonite.  In fact I have been known to make a small batch that never makes it into actual cookies.  Besides me, in my family growing up, the guys were the ones mostly likely to make cookies.  (One disclaimer: my Mom has always been a great cook, and my sister learned how to make pies like my Grandma.  Delicious!)  But Dad and brother often made the cookies – I think because they also liked the dough!

Pumpkin Cookies 2

One other family tradition was to leave a spoon of dough on the counter for the ones who were not around when they made cookies.  Since I knew I was going to be seeing my Dad, I continued the tradition.

Pumpkin Spice Cookies dough

The recipe that I use is pretty basic.  I have determined one thing – while butter makes the best dough, using shortening seems to make the best cookie.  But two ingredients that made this batch of cookies unique: pumpkin spice pudding and cinnamon chips.  (I decided that pumpkin spice pudding was not quite pumpkin enough to be a part of yesterday’s pumpkin post! 🙂  )

Pumpkin Cookies 6

Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Chip Cookies
1 pkg pudding mix (I used pumpkin spice)
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup shortening
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
2¼ cups flour
½ tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
6 oz chips (I used cinnamon chips)
1 In a large bowl, cream together the pudding mix and sugar with the shortening. Add the vanilla and eggs. In a separate bowl, combine the dry ingredients (or at the least, mix in the soda and salt with some of the flour before adding). Gradually add the dry ingredients to the other ingredients. Mix well.
2 Using a cookie scoop, measure out 12 cookies per sheet. Bake at 350° for 9-11 minutes. (The cookies may be soft at first, but they firm up. I think they taste better if you remove them slightly early from baking).
 Cooking Tips
You could substitute another flavor of pudding mix or type of chips. If using white chocolate pudding mix/vanilla chips, I would use 1 cup of white sugar, instead of 1 cup of brown sugar.
 Recipe Source
Author: based on Toll House cookie original recipeSource: Odyssey through Nebraska

Pumpkin Spice Cookies dough 2

Using a Kitchen Aide mixer definitely makes cookie making a breeze!

Pumpkin Spice Cookies scoop

This cookie scoop even went with me to college.  I love how uniform cookies always result. 

Pumpkin Spice baked cookies

Even though the cookies look slightly doughy, they continue to taste delicious for days if they are not overbaked.  (That is if they last that long!)

Pumpkin Spice Cookies

We ended up with quite a few cookies.  (And yes, I did eat some of the dough.  So did my kids – I trained them well!)

If you have allergies in your family …

To make these cookies gluten free:

Most pudding mixes are actually gluten free – certain flavors may vary, so you need to consult the packaging.  You can try to simply substitute a gluten free flour blend (that contains xantham gum).  You may need to play with the amounts of the dry ingredients, so that the dough is the right consistency.  Sometime I plan to try to do just this.  My brother-in-law cannot have wheat, so I have gotten better at cooking gluten free.

As far as adopting this particular recipe to dairy free or milk free – the pudding mix would make that harder.  But, recently I needed to make this type of cookie for my homeschool co-op preschool class.  I made them airy free by using 1/4 c. shortening and 1/4 c. Blue Bonnet light margarine (dairy free, although not soy free).  I did not add the chocolate chips until the end, and kept a few cookies without any chips.  Then I added a few mini chocolate chips to those cookies.  The little ones needed just a touch of chocolate to not notice the different.  For older ones, I would just make the cookies without the chips or buy a special dairy free chips that is available at certain stores.

Egg Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.
-Barbara Jordan-
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Taste the Season: Pumpkin in Nebraska

Of all of the seasons, fall has always been my favorite.  Possibly that has to do with lots of family birthday celebrations.  But I think that pumpkin also plays a big part.  Love pumpkins!  Various sizes and shapes fill our house.  Bath & Bodyworks Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin soap and lotions are used almost daily.  Pumpkin also happens to be one of my favorite foods.

A few weeks ago I went to Trader Joe’s.  When this store arrived in Lincoln, I  could not figure out what the big deal was about a grocery store.  Then I visited there and discovered lots of fun foods.  For the sake of our grocery budget, it is probably a good thing that the store is clear across town.  But when I make it that direction, Trader Joe’s is almost always one of my stops.

When I went there in late October, they were featuring pumpkin.  I had to restrain myself.  I already have Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte tea mix.  I enjoyed discovering some new products.  For some people, pumpkin season ends with Halloween, but in our house, this versatile fruity vegetable (yes, it is often classified as both!) lasts all fall.


The pumpkin ravioli was delicious and only needed a bit of butter and garlic salt.  Since I can tired of fruit bar flavors, adding pumpkin to the mix is really fun.  And really good.  And their Halloween Joe Joe’s (their version of Oreos) are the best ever.  Maybe it is the Vanilla Bean cream filling?  Probably mean of me to post that picture since those are no longer available.  But their peppermint Joe Joe’s will be arriving soon – crushed candy canes in their Vanilla Bean filling – sign me up.

I know that for some of you a Trader Joe’s is not nearby.  At least pumpkin can be purchased at any grocery store.  Occasionally I have taken the time to actually bake my own pumpkin and then enjoy roasting the seeds.  Most of the time, I just go with canned pumpkin.  A busy mom has her limits.


I have a few favorite recipes that I like to make every fall that feature pumpkin as the star ingredient.  Maybe some of these will become your favorites as well.

Cheese Ravioli with Pumpkin Sauce This recipe from the Meal Makeover Moms is a favorite of mine and my oldest.  My other children might like it by now – for the longest time, I would just serve them sandwiches.  (I think pickyness is not the issue – Mom just needs to work on sharing.)  We use half of the sauce for one large bag of cheese ravioli, then freeze the rest for next time.   I do believe we will be dining on this for lunch today!

One of my favorite pumpkin recipes is “Autumn Chicken Carnivale” from the 46th National Chicken Cooking Contest.  I was hoping to post a link to that recipe online, but I could not find it anywhere.  I did find 100 pumpkin & chicken recipes on Yummly.  Maybe I will have to add new recipes to my repertoire.

For today I will close with one last favorite pumpkin recipe.  I am not sure where my Mom first got this recipe, so I am not sure who to credit,  But this has been a family favorite for years.  I like this better than pumpkin pie.  And if you happen to be coming to my house for Bible study tonight, you will get to sample it for this is dessert today at our house!

Pumpkin Pie Cake
1 29-oz. 29- oz can pumpkin
4 eggs
1 13-oz can evaporated milk
1 ½ cup sugar
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ginger
½ tsp nutmeg
1 yellow cake mix
1 cup melted butter
Beat all ingredients together except cake mix & butter, then pour into an ungreased 9×13 pan. Sprinkle dry cake mix over the pumpkin mixture. Pour melted butter over cake mix. Bake at 350° for 50-60 minutes. Can top with cool whip.


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